Juniper Onego

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  • Fromerly one of the PXCPD's most wanted
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 38
  • Height: 170cm
  • Appearance: Stocky, bleached hair, green eyes
  • Distinguishing features: None
  • Known to the underworld as 'Nipper', Juniper Onego is wanted on charges of trafficking and supplying black market goods. He is still thought to be operating somewhere in the Old Town area, rarely venturing out in public. Last known sighting: unconfirmed.
  • There is a large reward for this suspect's capture. Absolute discretion assured.

Onego Arrested

Alleged criminal mastermind Juniper "Nipper" Onego was arrested midday on Tuesday after a lengthy police investigation led authorities to his safe house. Police say that Onego's criminal organisation had been infiltrated by police informants, but refused to disclose specifics in order to protect those sources. (Full text)

Sentinel, News in Brief, 01-DEC-06

Nipper Released

Alleged crime lord Juniper "Nipper" Onego has been released from prison, police say. According to sources working on the case, Onego was sprung based on "irregularities and improprieties" with the evidence gathered against him. Onego has issued a statement through his lawyer restating his innocence.

Sentinel, News in Brief, 07-JAN-06


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