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Below is a collection of the passwords discovered so far, complete with links to where they are needed.


Key - Username:Password

Hesh Intranet

Ascendancy Point sub-sites

Salk logs

  • /myvoicereturnstome link - pietro:Vincent
  • /iwalkalittlefaster link - pietro:julianblooms
  • /andnowshebeginstopursueme link - pietro:sweetserenity
  • /theyarethisstory link - pietro:caesurapark


(Login here)

  • O1 - O1:password
  • O2 - O2:star
  • O3 - O3:power
  • O4 - O4:dream
  • O5 - O5:joy
  • O6 - O6:head
  • O7 - O7:wind
  • O8 - O8:watch


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