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What if you lost your best friend's phone number? What if you wanted to find a person you hadn't seen in a long time? What if you wanted to meet someone you've only heard about? What if you had only a photo of someone you've never heard of?
Season 1 Card #256 - Billion to One shows us a man, some Japanese text reading "Find me," and a little bit of scenery.
His name is Satoshi, and one day, he set foot in Kaysersberg, Alsace, France.

Here is his picture:

Here is an interactive map of the town we think this photo was taken in:

And here are some relatively conclusive comparative photos about the area:

(In other words, YES, we are SURE he was in Kaysersberg!)

But that's where the trail ends.

The full hunt is going on over here, at billion2one:

We are pretty sure:

  • Satoshi is Japanese, based on the text on the card.
  • There used to be a large Japanese community in the area, but that has dried up in more recent years.

Things we know Satoshi is not:

  • He is not the Cube Thief.
  • He is not working at Mind Candy presently.
  • He is not one of a thousand random "Satoshi"s who look just a tiny bit like him.
  • He is (probably) not working at the Kaysersberg tourism bureau.

Satoshi may have:

  • ...gone to Japan.
  • ...been visiting France briefly.
  • ...moved to the Alsace area years ago and is living there now.
  • ...died last week. (though we certainly hope not!)
  • ...moved to America seeking new riches.
  • ...been a homeless man who was flown to France just to have his picture taken.
  • idea what any of this is about.
  • ...a secret lair in Bombay, and another in Madrid.
while it's fun to imagine where he is, it's ultimately not very useful, hey.