Claire Castille

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Claire Castille
Perplex City
Claire Castille.jpg
Date of Birth
Futures Sign
Occupation Software Expert and Thief
Associations Part of V's team; connections to Viendenbourg

Known Details

The search for the Receda Cube on Earth

  • Has, along with the rest of her immediate family, been studying Viendenbourg.
  • Has always been one of the top minds in her field.
  • Has "cultivated underworld contacts as well as the more 'legitimate' ones"
  • When the heat started to turn up, in mid-267, after the Theft of the Cube, she went into hiding, probably using the following as a cover-story:
  • Was offered a 'most secret' assignment in the Tanraga mountains in mid-267.
    • At the start, she was communicating frequently with her family.
    • Soon the communications trickled off, eventually dwindling to nothing.
    • When communication stopped altogether, Allain decided to go find her.
  • It was she who set up the automatic trace that attacked Scarlett's and Kurt's Keys


Other Images

Castille family.jpg

Codenames "V", "Q", "K" and "C", were hired to do the Theft. They are tied to the deaths of Fran Mendling, Bernardo Holyoke, Pietro Salk, Monica Grand, Isaac Cymbalisty, Anna Heath --- but someone else got to The Cube first. Who? And Why?

"We never held it, It was already gone."