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  • Large consumer mental stimulant manufacturer in Perplex City
  • Claims about 68% of all cognitive enhancer sales
  • Purchased Agilon AI
  • Has four major offices:
    • Corporate Headquarters - 140th to 160th floors of Ascendancy Point
    • Cognivia Research - overlooking Polygon Park's south side, near Schrodinger's Junction
      • The main research and development division, located near the Academy and the University because of their strong liks
      • Due to exceptionally tight security measures at this division, rumours persist that Cognivia even has its own private subway station (see Lyttleton Station)
    • Cognivia North - in Meridian Cross district
    • Cognivia Element - in the the West Old Town on New Hampden Street
  • Engages in live human drug testing (on paid volunteer basis only)
  • In charge of controversial Spearhead Scheme


  • Ceretin - Broad-spectrum cognitive enhancement.
  • Halcyon - Antidepressant and anxiolytic
  • Mnemosyne - Memory and recall booster
  • Cardinal - Enhances analytical and systemising brain function
  • Expedin - Accelerates reaction time
  • Synergy - Enhances creativity
  • Veritana - treats Barrow-Feld Syndrome

Other Projects

  • Focal Assisted Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
    • Goal: achieve significant improvements in cognitive function in specified areas over a tightly controlled period of time.
    • Project is being conducted with the Academy.
  • Cerebral Prostheses
    • Goal: Encourage the enhancement or restoration of affected cognitive abilities in damaged or poorly functioning areas of the brain.
  • Has worked individually with patients (such as Myra Champaign) to overcome specific ailments and diseases.


  • All Customer Enquiries: products at cognivia dot com
  • Questions about Ceretin: ceretin at cognivia dot com
  • Media information: media at cognivia dot com

Mailing address:

Ascendancy Point
Perplex City

Illicit Connections

  • Due to the nature of their products, Cognivia often comes under public scrutiny.
  • Moreover, their products are often enhanced or altered by illicit drug labs in the city.
  • Often, the goal of this sort of drug tailoring is to remove the traces which might be observed by a drug test.
  • This is especially useful to participants of the PCAG, who are not allowed to take any enhancements prior to gameplay.
  • Whenever the PXCPD Coroner's Office find a new molecule or compound that people are taking or selling, it is identified and documented on their systems