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* Found wearing a black jumpsuit of modern materials, ripped at the knees and elbows.
* Found wearing a black jumpsuit of modern materials, ripped at the knees and elbows.
* Part of [[Special Project 487]].
* Part of [[Special Project 487]].
* Mentioned in [[VHC tempfile]] [[Lab reports]] which detail the experiments occuring at [[Viendenbourg]] during 2006.

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Jake Maine was a Major in the army, and was involved with Special Project 487.


Background Information

Violet and Scarlett explored the Lancewood Labs on Hobbs Island (part of the Lancewood Archipegalo, with Kurt monitoring their progress remotely via key. Cubehunters were able to watch on an interface Kurt had set up.

During their explorations, the lab began experiencing power fluctuations in the evenings. The frequency of the power blips increased as the explorations continued, and started occuring while Violet and Scarlett were inside the labs. The girls then began hearing sounds, as well: doors closing, a moaning sound, and words being said. Someone was in the labs with them!

The Kiteway sisters were determined to find out everything they could, and went back to the labs. The lights began flickering again, and more moaning was heard. They soon encountered a shadowy figure, who grabbed Violet! In defense, Scarlett shot the figure with her gun. The figure let go of Violet, and ran off to Level 4 of the labs.

The girls followed the shadowy figure, only to discovered he wasn't shadowy at all, but just a normal man named Jake Maine, who was dying from the gunshot wound. Although he was very weak, he told the sisters that he had been involved in a terrible project (Special Project 487) in which "so many were lost"--amongst them, Choi, Stephens, Jackson, and Thorpe. From what he said, it appears the project was being done on a unit in the army, based out of Viendenbourg.

It is unknown exactly what the project is. Maine said he could "see everything", and that there were "waves everywhere, including here". It is speculated that he was referring to Electromagnetic waves (possibly confirmed by Violet). He also said that it was "too powerful...it controlled me... swept me away... into the everything". It is speculated that he was transported away by the Cube, similar to Combed Thunderclap. He died from his wounds before the girls could find out everyting about the project.

A strange voice was heard while the sisters were in his presence. It appeared to grow stronger if they neared him. It is unknown whether the voice was Jake's, or was emmanating from elsewhere. It said the following words, presented in order:

  • DROWNING (eleven times)
  • DROWNING (four times)
  • FALL BACK (three times)
  • DROWNING (twelve times)
  • WAKING (once)
  • BREATHING (once)
  • AIR (once)
  • BREATHING (thrice)
  • DROWNING (once)
  • QUIET (once)
  • DROWN (thrice)
  • DROWNING (twice)
  • WAVES (once)
  • DROWNING (twice)
  • BREATHING (twice)
  • WAKING (once)
  • DROWNING (once)
  • SLEEPING (four times)
  • FLYING (once)


Shirt.png Viendenbourg Heritage Centre

Violet & Scarlett went to Viendenbourg, and were shocked by the appalling display of ... tourism. Kurt managed to dislodge a choppy piece of data, affectionately known as the VHC tempfile, the contents of which changed everything.

Contents: Emails from Aparna | Emails between Sente Kiteway and Chadwick | Lab reports | VHC Security log | VHC gif file

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