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Joya Remton
Perplex City
Date of Birth
Futures Sign
Occupation Popular Vocalist
Associations Hesh Records; often appears in the news


  • She was originally published under the Hesh Records label, rocketing her to stardom.
  • When producer Horace Shockley left Hesh, Joya chose to go as well.
  • On 09-JUN-06, Joya announced timidly she would be returning to Hesh.
  • An album is to be released by Hesh, entitled Deeper.
    • Her newer sound is said to be more insightful than her older work.
    • The album is scheduled to be released on Monday, April 23, with a concert tour to follow.

  • Has a tattoo on her Right shoulder
  • Usually seen sporting bright pink hair.

  • After Joya broke up with her then-boyfriend Alejo Jackson, her producer at Hesh Records, Horace Shockley stepped in as a protective love interest.
  • His methods quickly became overbearing and forceful, and Joya submitted without question.
  • Shockley left Hesh Records when Producer Zanadun Kane left, citing working hours as a major reason. In effect, Kane and Shockley staged a walk-out.
  • And so Joya followed Shockley on exiting Hesh.
  • The pair, Shockley and Joya, were engaged to be married on June 21, Gyvann's Day.
  • Joya, in her own words:

I was pretty desolate after everything that had happened with Alejo, and I found myself just going along with everything Horace wanted me to do. ... I felt really trapped, and the day before the wedding, I didn't even think about it, but I just ran. I'd like to say Horace and I are friends now, but it's not so. That's why I'm back with Hesh, I could never salvage a working relationship with Horace now.|}

  • On the day of her wedding, she simply failed to show up.
  • Soon after, was spotted with PCAG athlete Ryan Cahill, but for the most part, she went into seclusion.
  • On 11-SEP-05, she came out of seclusion, visibly pregnant. No word on the identity of the father, but the child was due in Late December.
    • Nine months prior to that date is Late March, which means the father is anyone's guess.
  • On 22-DEC-05, at 2:48am, Allegra Melody was born after 4 hours of labour.
  • 02-AUG-06 - Rumors mills being what they are, it would seem the tides have changed once again.

Joya, Alejo Reconcile

Celebrity-watchers say that pop stars Joya and Alejo Jackson were spotted together Wednesday afternoon with Joya's daughter, Allegra Melody, enjoying what appeared to be a very domestic picnic at Caesura Park. The sighting has sparked inevitable rumours that the pair of musicians are rekindling the romance they ended over a year ago.

The Sentinel, more news in brief, 03-AUG-06

And, the end. Again.

Alejo, Joya Quarrel

Pop stars Alejo Jackson of Roll for Damage and singer Joya were spotted having a heated row on Saturday night, dampening the hopes of those fans who had hoped the two were well on their way to a romantic reconciliation. Their argument came during what had until then appeared to be an amiable night out for the two at Cervantes.

The Sentinel, more news in brief, 04-AUG-06
  • Later, in the several-years-later update by Violet, she mentions that Alejo & Joya seem quite happily together again, probably for good this time.
  • Known Songs:
    • Don't Leave Without Me
    • There for Me
    • Disappearing Act
    • Allegra Melody
    • Deeper
Joya with her daughter, Allegra Melody

People Around Her


  • 28-MAR-05 - Wedding to Horace Shockley is announced
  • 22-APR-05 - Scandal arises when she vomits in public
  • 23-MAY-05 - Collapses; admitted to Phuah Hospital
  • 29-MAY-05 - Released from Phuah Hospital
  • 21-JUN-05 - Planned wedding date. She doesn't show.
  • 09-AUG-05 - Seen courting PCAG athlete Ryan Cahill.
  • 11-SEP-05 - Came out of seclusion briefly, visibly pregnant.
  • 12-DEC-05 - Is spotted with Ryan Cahill.
  • 22-DEC-05 - 2:48am - Allegra Melody is born after 4 hours of labour.
  • 09-JUN-06 - Joya announced timidly she would be returning to Hesh Records.
  • 29-JAN-07 - New record announced, to be released, Spring 2007


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