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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth


Website: http://www.perplexcity.com/leaderboard/leaderboard.build?start=1

The Earth Leaderboard is a part of the Perplex City website on which Earth residents can track how many cards have been scored, and by whom.

The website bears an ad which claims to cover weekly news on the board:

Coverage: http://www.perplexcitysentinel.com/redirects/leaderboard.html

The movers, The shakers
Leaderboard coverage every week.

  • Noticeable shake-ups in the leaderboard have been seen to include:
    • The 22-OCT-05 event at Clapham Common in London gave Oliver Keers and Ryandrew a slight edge with as-yet-un-released cards.
    • Emails sent to Firebox customers gave away free "copies" of a puzzle card, rapidly injecting many new users into the leaderboard.
    • The PCAG Earth Games gave points to top scoring teams
    • Five points may be earned for submitting a "Letter of the week" to the Sentinel
    • Ten points may be earned for submitting a "View From Earth" article to the Sentinel


New articles are posted every week about the latest shake-ups in the leaderboard. Most, if not all, of these articles have been written by Kate Brewster.