Miranda Katsoulis

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  • Junior Librarian at the Academy Library.
    • Joined the Library staff in early DEC-05, along with Jason Mariem.
  • Attracted the interest of Head Librarian Isaac Cymbalisty.
  • Annoys Violet, who thinks Miranda is more popular than her.
  • Currently dating Kurt.
    • Interested in the PCAG, and attended several matches with Kurt.
    • Also shares other suspicious "similarities" with him.


  • Quirky Acuity, Violet's blog
    • blog, 6-DEC-05 "Book update" (link)
    • blog, 14-DEC-05 "Developments" (link)
    • blog, 3-JAN-06 "Progress" (link)
    • blog, 12-JAN-06 "Granier diaries, installment six" (link)
  • The Path of Least Time, Kurt's blog