Oliver Pohele

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Oliver pohele.jpg


  • PCAG athlete
  • Considered a poor-to-low quality player
  • Surprisingly, Defeated Serena Duncan, 15-OCT-05 weekend matches
    • Felt really good about his win
    • "I have to say, I never expected to beat her. ... This is absolutely my personal best, now."
    • Pohele described the victory as an "amazing feeling" that he will remember all of his life.
  • He is widely regarded as a rising star.
  • His first year of competition was in 265
  • Although he has never yet made the final cut, his level of play has seen steady and marked improvement.
  • It is thought that in a few years' time, he may be a champion-quality competitor.
  • His win over Duncan is considered to be a strong sentiment of confidence for other up-and-coming players.