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==Map Pieces Found==
==Map Pieces Found==
Set #1: lamb, yoyo, rice (by tally)
<gallery caption="Map Pieces Found" widths="300px" heights="300px" perrow="6">
<br />Set #1: cork, lynx, view (by tally)
Image:Lamb yoyo rice.png|Set #1: lamb, yoyo, rice (by tally)<br />Set #1: cork, lynx, view (by tally)
Image:Rice cork wine.png|Set #2: rice, cork, wine (by Amadeus)
[[Image:Lamb yoyo rice.png]]
Image:Cave tank cork.png|Set #3: cave, tank, cork (by mcburrows)<br />Set #3: flag, frog, scum (by mcburrows)
Set #2: rice, cork, wine (by Amadeus)
<br />Set #2: sack, tree, nail (by Amadeus)
[[Image:Rice cork wine.png]]
Set #3: cave, tank, cork (by mcburrows)
Set #3: flag, frog, scum (by mcburrows)
[[Image:Cave tank cork.png]]
[[Category:Live Events]]
[[Category:Live Events]]

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A million stories, yet to be told

Radio 1's Big Weekend Logo.PNG

At BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend, players found and matched symbols to try and stop Cyrus Quinton of the Third Power from launching the Neural Override device.

Seen Shapes

Set # Word Number Colour Shape Fill Link/Source
Flag 1 Blue Circle Half Paul
1 Lynx 2 Red Square None Paul
Arch 2 Blue Circle None Paul
1, 2 Rice 3 Yellow Square Solid SB & Paul
Frog 1 Red Circle Half Paul
Wine 3 Blue Square Solid Paul
Tree 3 Red Circle Hollow Paul
Fish 1 Blue Triangle Hollow Paul
Taxi 2 Blue Triangle Solid SB
1 Lamb 2 Yellow Square None SB
1, 2 Cork 3 Red Square Solid SB
Wife 2 Blue Circle Solid SB
Exam 2 Yellow Triangle Solid SB
Tick 2 Yellow Square Solid SB
Cave 2 Red Circle Solid SB & Paul
Mead 2 Red Circle Hollow SB & Paul
Goal 3 Red Triangle Hollow SB
Arch 1 Blue Circle Hollow SB
1 View 1 Red Square Half SB & Paul
Four 2 Yellow Triangle Solid SB
Dump 1 Yellow Triangle Solid SB
2 Sack 3 Blue Circle Hollow SB & Paul
Pawn 3 Blue Triangle Hollow SB


  • Numbers
    • 1-3
  • Colours
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Yellow
  • Shape
    • Circle
    • Square
    • Triangle
  • Fill
    • None
    • Half
    • Solid


  • SB: _SilentlyBroken and friends via IRC from event
  • Paul: Paul Denchfield's flickr (including link)

Map Pieces Found

Season 2, Chapter: Hot Water

Season 2 started out with a request by Violet to investigate her plumbing issues, and has lead us to pick up on a weird trail, currently in progress. When the third power issues warnings about you, you know you are in Hot Water.

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