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A Message From Perplex City - February 17, 2005

Subject: A Message from Perplex City
Date: 17 February 2005 10:14:00 am GMT
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My name is Sente, and I am the Master of the Perplex City Academy.

On January 16th 2004, an object of immeasurable value was stolen from
our city. You kindly answered my plea to assist in its recovery. Over
many, many months, we at the Academy have been assembling information
to help you in this task.

Today, we break our silence. There is still so much to share with you,
but for now this fragment must suffice.

I will be in contact again soon.

Stay alert.


Autoresponder Message From Sente - March 8, 2005

A email was sent to after it was showin in the LA Times advert. This is the automatic reply:

From: Autoresponder <>
Reply-To: Autoresponder <>

Thank you for your email. I regret that I am unable to individually 
reply to mail sent to my public box. If your email is of an urgent or 
personal nature, I will reply shortly. Otherwise, I shall read your 
message in due time, and I beg your patience.


Perplex City Academy, One Taversen Square, Old Town
"When we were children, how we longed for the days when we would be 
grown. Yet now, see us here, gazing mournfully into our cups and 
wishing for the days when we were still free of the cares of the 

Email from Sente - April 22, 2005

This relates to the 22.04.05 Update.

Subject: A riddle from Perplex City
Date: 22 April 2005 12:07:14 pm BST
To:   ****************
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Dear friends,

The people of Perplex City are grateful beyond measure for your patience over
recent months. Our cube retrieval project is now approaching its final phase
and thus I offer you, those who have kept loyalty with us, an early view of
things to come. Some of you may have heard rumours of this development in the
Sentinel newspaper ( already but the full details
have not been revealed.

In a short while MC, on Earth, will be sending out parcels to thank you for
your patience. My daughter Scarlett ( tells me that
you have shown deep interest in us and asked many penetrating questions; I
hope that these small tokens will go some way to slaking your curiosity. Our
Earth resources are sadly limited, so only 333 of these packs can be made
available.  As you must already know, we place the highest value upon the
solving of puzzles -- thus, I have prepared a simple riddle. The first
333 people from Earth who correctly solve it will receive the parcel.

I wish you all swift wits and simple solutions.


My first's simply a vegetable, delicious, round and green.
My third and fourth are sound asleep, as plainly can be seen.
My fifth is fifty, clear enough for any riddle-setter.
Two of my second on their sides will give my final letter.
Now that my second has my parts, fit them together well
You see me now before your eyes, it's plain for all to tell.

To enter your solution, visit - you will
need your unique code and email addresss as well.  

Your code: **********
Your email address: ********************