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On the Perplex City Error Logs page their contained within it an email conversation between Juliane Pero, Sarah Covington, Elizabeth Lee and Lyssa Ling about shoes.

The conversation didn't appear to be in chrnological order, but, when placed in chrnological order they follow the order of, 2662497757 error log first followed by 5957496696 and 2470936999.

This conversation gives the impression of being an office environment with the email recipients being scattered throughout it.


Errorlog cache files

  • Shoes Conversation (Part 1)
Perplex City Errorlogs#2470936999.cache
  • Shoes Conversation (Part 2)
Perplex City Errorlogs#2662497757.cache
  • Shoes Conversation (Part 3)
Perplex City Errorlogs#5957496696.cache
Perplex City Errorlogs#6290435729.cache
  • The Ooze Zone
    • blog, 22-AUG-06 "Everyone's A Critic" (link)

Archin1.jpg Gatehouse 24 set the stage for our earliest interaction with Perplex City. A series of Errorlogs reveal co-workers who discussed policy, and friends who discussed Shoes. Also, tidbits of culture, including an odd Video and an ancient quote are introduced. The entry on this wiki regarding covers this material, as well.

Fran Mendling - Henrik Tanner - Sarah Covington - Elizabeth Lee - Juliane Pero - Lyssa Ling - S Ling - S Marchant