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See: Mine Manhunt for a detailed synopsis.


On 21st May 2006 Kurt entered the Silburn-Griggs mine in pursuit of Miranda. He set up a link between his key and a Mind Candy IRC server allowing us to help him with puzzles littered throughout the mine. These are the logs of those conversations.

There were three main chatlog channels:

  • #kurtmod where kurt spoke to 8 chosen moderators and told us what he was doing.
  • #kurtchat where everyone else made helpless and not-so-helpful suggestions to be passed on to Kurt by the moderators.
  • #kurtsuggest where people who got sick of the #kurtchat spam and commentary went.


(16:17:57) : The topic for #kurtsuggest is: No discussion in here, only suggestions

(16:17:58) Darkflame: check for signs of other people using the mine, imo.

(16:18:00) Tally: good plan

(16:18:05) Darkflame: She might not be alone

(16:18:06) surbz: Hard hat, heavy boots, nothing green, red or blue!

(16:18:09) perplexed: leave a trail of breadcrumbs

(16:18:16) FluffyFlummox: Take a piece of wood planking as a weapon or brace.

(16:18:21) GasparLewis: Look for usable gear, like suits, and boots

(16:18:27) RuthlessX: Wooden Plank

(16:18:29) laudaz: make an arrow with the boards to show violet which way he went

(16:18:35) Crescent: DON't open boards - if miranda came this way she'd have got in a different way

(16:18:44) RuthlessX: Dont use a switch

(16:18:49) RuthlessX: It'll attract attention

(16:18:55) Crescent: dont use switch - willr egister electronically

(16:18:56) tesseract: check any switches carefully

(16:18:57) devonlad: It might be a trap

(16:18:59) Envoy: Be careful looking, if she's already in there that could trigger a trap.

(16:19:01) FluffyFlummox: Aviod RED switches - electric shock?

(16:19:02) Ollie: OK, we're not going to need to suggest things until he asks for suggestions

(16:19:16) GasparLewis: Red suit = shock, not red switch.

(16:19:26) Ollie: so let's just keep it schtum until then, okay children?

(16:19:36) RuthlessX: LOl

(16:19:38) Darkflame: Waaaa

(16:19:39) Darkflame: :p

(16:19:42) Crescent: ok

(16:19:47) Darkflame: k

(16:19:52) GasparLewis: Shush. (Yes, Ollie.)

(16:20:01) alicat: thanks ollie

(16:20:08) Okita: Could one of the mods make sure Kurt has access to the (bad) map on the silburngriggs website?

(16:20:09) RuthlessX: Can you smell gas, wtf his key will tell him if there gas

(16:20:09) #kurtsuggest: mode (+o zaeil ) by Ollie

(16:20:32) #kurtsuggest: mode (+o Cassandra ) by Ollie

(16:20:34) Croll: careful of red switches

(16:20:46) #kurtsuggest: mode (+o Mima ) by Ollie

(16:21:19) Darkflame: check the lift before entering or going down.

(16:21:24) GasparLewis: At the lift, map refer.

(16:21:32) GasparLewis: Could we get the map up?

(16:21:41) Darkflame: make sure someone hasnt ""accidently"" cut anything

(16:21:44) Ollie: sure, you've got a web browser

(16:21:45) RuthlessX: Hes at S1

(16:21:58) GasparLewis: Rather not window-switch, but I'll do fine without

(16:21:59) Riiick: Wait for Violet - without the ferrogramatograph your key will probably stop working

(16:22:02) arieh: the lift should go to levels 1 and 2.

(16:22:08) psyche: I'm tearing my hair out trying to read three channels at once. Can we please do as Ollie asked

and stay quiet till Kurt *asks* for suggestions?

(16:22:09) justdig: He's not a complete idiot, he's not going to rush headlong into everything he sees unless we

tell him to be careful every single time

(16:22:25) Braxis: Map shows a room (?) behind the lift - may be worth checking out?

(16:22:30) alicat: don't forget to look up as well as around,traps can come from any direction

(16:22:33) Crescent: usual routine for exploring unknown areas - stick to left hand paths - that way we will be

able to monitor change of direction easily AND be able to tell violet how to find him?

(16:22:38) Envoy: Is someone logging each of thease channels so the discussions can be posted on unforums later?

(16:22:51) Ollie!~Ollie@ Ollie has changed the topic to: No discussion in here, only suggestions!

Kurt isn't a spanner, he'll be careful!

(16:22:53) justdig: Voices - don't bother Kurt with this ""be careful"" and ""check"" nonsense unless there's a


(16:22:55) RuthlessX: Agreed, we need a log

(16:23:02) Croll: what colour is the button?

(16:23:04) FluffyFlummox: check out the room behind hte lift before descending

(16:23:05) Sugarcubed: can he leave vilot a message?

(16:23:09) devonlad: if everything is turned off how can miranda have got down there???

(16:23:18) GasparLewis: The whole thing is a running log of itself; relax and stick to suggestions.

(16:23:20) Envoy: I'm at an internet caff just off of Bond Street, I can't log.

(16:23:22) Darkflame: good point

(16:23:25) laudaz: use the boards to make an arrow to show violet which way he went

(16:23:28) Crescent: whats on the other wall?

(16:23:29) GasparLewis: Hit the new button?

(16:23:31) Okita: How many buttons are in that room anyway? 2 power buttons?

(16:23:34) Darkflame: would she have put the lift up THEN turned it off?

(16:23:41) RuthlessX: Someone better be logging

(16:23:43) Envoy: Which boards please?

(16:24:01) Okita: he can use the parts from his tent to make a long pole to hit both switches at once.

(16:24:05) Croll: can you put a board against one of the buttons?

(16:24:08) Unicron: whats the distance between the 2 power buttons

(16:24:11) fyerman: Are there any indications Miranda has been this way???

(16:24:12) GasparLewis: Try throwing something to hit the button with you in the lift.

(16:24:25) Mindez: Suggest he uses one of the boards.

(16:24:31) wombatgirl: can he use the baord from the dooway to push switch with and ohter hane other switch?

(16:24:32) GasparLewis: That's in.

(16:24:33) tesseract: or wait for Violet

(16:24:33) RuthlessX: Kurt doesnt have a good aim

(16:24:44) GasparLewis: Throw something at the button.

(16:24:46) justdig: Walking stick

(16:24:52) Poozle: Tell him he'll have to wait for violet

(16:24:53) GasparLewis: Something with enough weight to register.

(16:25:00) Lysithea: Does Kurt have any duct tape?

(16:25:03) Sugarcubed: wedge a board on one button then press the other

(16:25:06) Unicron: what happens if the 2nd button is pressed on its own?

(16:25:08) FluffyFlummox: Get a long bit of wood to press the other one with?

(16:25:18) justdig: He has a walking stick, doesn't he?

(16:25:31) RuthlessX: No

(16:25:31) GasparLewis: Board it is.

(16:25:34) RuthlessX: He doesn't need it

(16:25:39) Crescent: seems a bit detectivy but can he use key to scan for fingerprints/breathe on button?

(16:25:41) Darkflame: kurt would figure that out if he could reach it with anything near

(16:25:53) alicat: do you have anything to stick the first button in with, glue, matchstick etc

(16:25:56) justdig: Or Miranda may also have used a board.

(16:26:15) Darkflame: should be signs of a lose board then

(16:26:23) RuthlessX: Miranda obviously didn't go in that way, otherwise the boards would have been broken

(16:26:43) tesseract: so far indications are M used a different entrance

(16:26:59) ManicSpider: Unless they can be removed and replaced reasonably easily

(16:27:08) laudaz: unless she nailed the boards on herself from the inside

(16:27:08) Tintintin: Not necessarily, RuthlessX - they could be far too sturdy to be broken

(16:27:14) GasparLewis: RESET

(16:27:18) Crescent: can poles be reassembled and used to pres both buttons at once?

(16:27:18) Darkflame: surely the buttons wouldnt stay activiated while you re-assembled the boards?

(16:29:37) Okita: anyone else have any bright ideas.

(16:31:17) RuthlessX: Ollie, what did you do lol

(16:31:31) chimera245: Waiting for the KurtMod to be sorted I think

(16:31:44) Flynn_ is now known as Flynn

(16:32:01) Okita: I don't think anyone wants to leave Kurtmod (thus letting the mods in) because they don't want to

give up their position.

(16:32:13) Okita: and TopGun still has control i suppose.

(16:32:29) Envoy: Is anyone there?

(16:33:20) RuthlessX: Noes

(16:33:21) Okita: I think that the mods should invite people into #kurtsuggest based upon how they act in

@kurtchat? Might be a bit elitist though.

(16:33:39) Atresica: rather not

(16:33:58) RuthlessX: We haven't got many people in here as it is, so no worryied

(16:33:58) Atresica: otherwise I'll have 3 channels to watch, and two are already quite enough for me

(16:34:11) RuthlessX: Why not split the mod team?

(16:34:23) Okita: That' makes it harder for the mods to coordinate

(16:34:26) RuthlessX: you only need 1 or two in here

(16:34:36) Croll: phant u should make Ollie a mod

(16:34:55) RuthlessX: Ollie was a mod

(16:35:01) Phant: how?

(16:35:29) rjw76: Phant: type /mode +o Ollie

(16:35:49) Okita: If he has any dust, he can blow that onto the buttons, thus letting him see the fingerprints

(16:35:54) Okita: (though his key probably can do that)

(16:36:03) Phant: ERROR > 403: That channel doesn't exist: +o

(16:37:12) arieh: can anyone see the pictures?

(16:37:21) RuthlessX: No

(16:37:22) Phant: I see pic

(16:37:25) darkflamer: nope i cant

(16:37:52) RuthlessX is now known as ruthless

(16:37:55) Mindez: I don't.

(16:38:06) #kurtsuggest: mode (+o Ollie ) by Phant

(16:38:15) Riiick: can he send a link for the floorplan?

(16:38:18) #kurtsuggest: mode (-o Phant ) by Phant

(16:38:18) ruthless is now known as Ruthless

(16:38:33) Phant: there we go

(16:38:41) arieh: OK, so we have a puzzle: [1]

(16:39:32) Riiick: Push them in order of the Poem

(16:39:56) Mindez: Mods: Tell him to press in order of the poem.

(16:40:00) Ruthless: press MS, CG, CD, BG, GH ,then the level

(16:40:04) Croll: yea

(16:40:08) Mindez: MS, CG,...Yeah...

(16:40:10) arieh: agreed

(16:40:20) Riiick: MS CG CD BG JH

(16:41:14) Croll: then the level

(16:41:24) Croll: try level 1 first

(16:41:33) Envoy: How about Ollie give it a rest for a second, can I suggest that?

(16:41:40) Ruthless: I agree

(16:42:05) Okita: Lvl 4 is the only lvl that doesn't have the [A] thing.

(16:42:21) Ruthless: He wants to head for s3?

(16:43:07) Croll: whats stopping him?

(16:43:10) Ruthless: Why cant he get out?

(16:43:16) Okita: Can he recheck the lift panel?

(16:43:25) buzman: Looks like L4 maybe the only one he can get out at

(16:43:30) Tintintin: Level 4 looks (from the map) to be the only open floor?

(16:43:43) Croll: yea level 4

(16:43:56) DPS05: is that an access tunnell from the top of the lift to level one?

(16:44:09) #kurtsuggest: mode (+o Cassandra ) by Ollie

(16:44:37) #kurtsuggest: mode (+o Mima ) by Ollie

(16:44:42) Ruthless: Someone Tell Kurt that were treating him to stake after this

(16:44:55) Tintintin: Probably just a ventilation shaft - not something that could easily be accessed, I reckon

(16:45:22) Croll: anything on the blast door?

(16:45:23) Okita: Does it look like there are any buttons, panels, or controls for said door?

(16:45:37) chimera245: All the Drives should have entrances/exits both sides

(16:45:39) Poozle: I'm guessing a check of the other levels is in order

(16:45:53) Croll: try the other 2 levels

(16:46:09) Vashka: Yes - which side of the lift is he looking at?

(16:46:13) Poozle: Maybe there is another entrance to the mines altogether that Miranda went in

(16:46:16) DPS05: Back to level 1 - exit/emergency access tunnel from lift shaft to level 1

(16:46:29) Okita: We might have been wrong about the letter buttons. The letter buttons could have signified

possible danger and thus closed the blast doors when he went down to a certain level.

(16:46:35) Ruthless: Please make sure make sure kurt knows that we cant read maps rofl

(16:46:36) chimera245: Hopefully the D/S on Level 1 is a Disused Shaft

(16:46:41) chimera245: He could use that to go down to level 2

(16:46:46) chimera245: Once he has got there

(16:47:55) Ruthless: OH GOD WERE ALL GONNA DIE

(16:48:25) chimera245: The shaft is in the North Wall

(16:49:03) Croll: can he fit in it?

(16:49:09) chimera245: Dont forget to remind him of the drop

(16:49:47) Ruthless: Why'd you remind him, would have been funny

(16:50:03) Okita: That's encouraging. The dust signifies that no one has gone down that route. Ie. no miranda?

(16:50:04) Croll: obviously miranda didnt go this way...

(16:50:14) Ruthless: We knew that

(16:50:42) chimera245: Hopefully the D/S on Level 1 is a Disused Shaft

(16:50:48) chimera245: North of the exit of the Shaft

(16:50:50) Okita: Next stop, the mysterious D/S eh?

(16:50:59) chimera245: He could use that to go down to level 2

(16:51:04) chimera245: If it is one

(16:51:41) Okita: Also, he should check the blast door to the south to see if he can open all of the blast doors

(or at least open one manually)

(16:51:54) chimera245: Tell Ollie NO - he is on the other side

(16:52:10) chimera245: Hopefully the D/S on Level 1 is a Disused Shaft

(16:52:15) Ollie: the shaft'll pass around the shaft

(16:52:17) Ollie: corridor

(16:52:33) chimera245: Sorry ollie

(16:53:25) chimera245: D/S couldnt be dissused

(16:54:18) Okita: hey, we've got a floorplan

(16:54:26) Ruthless: D/S = D/5 dont forget

(16:54:44) chimera245: Yeppers

(16:55:19) GregT: Checking - any new pictures since the lift plate? (for people who can't get in)

(16:55:30) Davermouse: I guess our goal is lvl 3 with the CC(Control Center)?

(16:55:38) Davermouse: and by 3 I mean 2

(16:55:40) Jereth: yea

(16:55:43) Okita: That sounds like a good bet Davermouse

(16:56:06) Okita: So he can take the elevator down to 2 for the CC

(16:56:13) Croll: can he get into the lift now?

(16:56:53) chimera245: OP could be control too - Operations

(16:57:20) Davermouse: aye...

(16:57:53) chimera245: CR could be crusher

(16:57:54) Croll: CR should be about as far as D/5 was

(16:57:58) chimera245: BTW - if this is a mine

(16:58:09) Okita: That makes sense Chimera. Good catch.

(16:58:09) Ollie: CR could be cookie robot

(16:58:34) Ruthless: I like Ollie's idea

(16:58:35) Croll: level 2

(16:58:36) chimera245: MR Medical Room?

(16:58:44) Okita: Could be a cookie robot in the common room

(16:58:45) chimera245: Oxxypro?

(16:59:16) Okita: Did they have oxxypro more than 70 years ago?

(16:59:17) Croll: the blast doors are open, cant he get to the lift?

(16:59:30) Davermouse: I think he's getting the lift to lvl 2

(16:59:33) chimera245: Would be past it's sell by date anyway

(16:59:38) Okita: Note, he should probably close the blast doors after he leaves a lift to prevent miranda from

using it.

(16:59:59) Ruthless: No, he needa blast doors open for his own esscape

(17:00:00) Croll: he shouldnt need to climb

(17:00:25) Croll: go in the same direction as CR before

(17:00:31) Croll: south

(17:00:32) Riiick: South

(17:00:41) Davermouse: I'd say north, but hey...

(17:00:45) chimera245: South to the A2 complex

(17:00:48) beglee: south to the A2 complex

(17:00:48) Ruthless: south dammity

(17:00:52) chimera245: Assuming that is what A means

(17:01:04) chimera245: On our maps

(17:01:20) beglee: yeah, thers an A on levels 1 2 & 3, n each of those levels has an A complex with its level

number after the A

(17:01:35) Envoy: Where is the map that people are looking at for this please?

(17:01:38) Croll: huh? D/5 is north

(17:01:46) Okita:

(17:01:50) beglee: he went north!

(17:01:55) darkflamer: SgS1(D/5 S1FP7) - (date) is at the bottom of that diagram. Any significancy?

(17:01:59) Okita: Is it an electronic lock? or a physical lock?

(17:02:00) rjw76: presumably his key is broken

(17:02:13) Cassandra: Magnetic issues

(17:02:19) Okita: Ouch ollie, I feel for you.

(17:02:24) Croll: send the picture of the keypad

(17:02:40) Okita: He might try the fingerprints bit again as well.

(17:03:12) GregT: For the shut-outs - is ?there a new pictur

(17:03:18) GregT: ... er, new picture?

(17:04:34) Ruthless: Donkey

(17:04:44) darkflamer: puzzle!

(17:04:46) chimera245: Looks like Canis Majoris

(17:04:51) darkflamer: i think its rearrangable

(17:04:55) Atresica: yup

(17:04:57) chimera245: Or a goat :)

(17:05:06) Okita: Looks painted on, but maybe he can move it?

(17:05:11) GregT: Star sign

(17:05:18) darkflamer: maybe

(17:05:23) beglee: does the picture change if he types things in?

(17:05:40) chimera245: If it is Canis Majoris then Sirius would be a try

(17:05:42) Ruthless: ollie, wtf with the 1337 man lol

(17:05:52) Ollie: see all the hesh passwords

(17:05:53) GregT: Iskander asks: is that picture on the floor or the ceiling?

(17:05:56) darkflamer: *loads psp up*

(17:06:04) darkflamer: paint shop pro, that is, not sony kind

(17:06:18) Okita: Maybe while we try to figure the donkey out, we should have him look for equipment at D/5?

(17:07:12) ChaoSpectre: I'm not entirely sure it COULD be a jigsaw.

(17:07:40) darkflamer: well, its worth a go

(17:07:41) ChaoSpectre: Someone asked about the star signs of PXC.

(17:08:27) Ollie: who was it with the GOlden Hinde?

(17:08:32) rjw76: Francis Drake

(17:08:34) Okita: perplex city futures:

(17:08:42) chimera245: Did you try Sirius?

(17:09:40) ChaoSpectre: Has anyone contemplated the not quite head and not quite tail?

(17:09:49) darkflamer: dosnt seem to be forming anything obvious... *keeps trying*

(17:09:58) Okita: I don't think it's anything earth referenced because the mine was constructed before they

discovered earth.

(17:10:17) ChaoSpectre: The head and tail seem to be made of hands or something.

(17:10:20) Ruthless: Come on guys, were cant be here all week

(17:10:48) Ollie: why not?

(17:11:03) ChaoSpectre: ...Kurt would pass out?

(17:11:07) Tintintin: Try canter, gallop, trot and/or walk?

(17:11:22) Tintintin: In case the speed of the donkey's running is significant, if you se what I mean

(17:11:43) Ruthless: OMFG

(17:11:43) ChaoSpectre: Is there anything else besides this... ass?

(17:11:50) Ruthless: Horse was stupid lol

(17:12:12) Okita: I guess the first thing is to activate the consoles.

(17:12:15) chimera245: Cameras?

(17:12:16) Croll: does it look like its been used recently?

(17:12:21) Okita: Dust implies no

(17:12:24) chimera245: Look for Camera/CCTV controls

(17:12:28) Tintintin: (TIAG) methinks they ran out of patience ;)

(17:13:12) Poozle: Someone had mentioned Horse Tintintin

(17:13:19) Okita: Well, at least Miranda can't access the area. Maybe he can relock the door in case Miranda

sneaks up on him?

(17:13:51) Ruthless: Is there a second OP room?

(17:13:52) Croll: can you show us the screen of the console maybe?

(17:14:36) Envoy: Oh crap, have him re-close the door. Good suggestion Okita.

(17:15:18) Croll: stop pestering him with earth stuff, he has enough to worry about without microsofot

(17:15:21) chimera245: Look for Camera/CCTV controls

(17:15:37) Croll: can we see the screen?

(17:15:37) ChaoSpectre: Did he really ask about Win 95?

(17:15:46) Okita: Yse, yes he did.

(17:15:48) Ruthless: AGHHHHHHHHH

(17:15:49) Riiick: Kurt - Be careful Miranda isn't using you to access the mines

(17:16:08) Envoy: Is there any kind of survelilance system he can use to check the mine quickly?

(17:16:17) Okita: Personnel seems like a good place to start looking.

(17:16:51) Croll: anything odd?

(17:17:08) Atresica: Try looking at the parts of the mine that use the most electricity

(17:17:12) Croll: theres another lift there

(17:17:14) Atresica: that might mean a lot of activity

(17:17:30) Envoy: Is that where he came in? is he looking at his own trail?

(17:17:54) Ruthless: No

(17:17:59) ChaoSpectre: ...maybe now is the time to ask why we are all here?

(17:18:00) Ruthless: he came in threw E3

(17:18:06) ChaoSpectre: Why are we in the mines? What could be of use here?

(17:18:09) Ruthless: thats the other end of the map

(17:18:19) Poozle: Miranda!

(17:18:25) Okita: Chaos, Miranda is in the mines. check

(17:18:28) ChaoSpectre: What could she do.

(17:18:33) ChaoSpectre: What could she do in the mines.

(17:18:34) Ruthless: Lol

(17:18:38) Okita: Make sure he locks the room!

(17:18:46) ChaoSpectre: Why would she come here?

(17:19:02) ChaoSpectre: Aside from exploding the mine over Kurt's head?

(17:19:07) Croll: there seems to be a door of some kind between north and south of L1 he might have trouble getting


(17:19:11) Okita: That's the big question. If you have anymore, ask me in ""query"". let's keep this channel free

of non-suggestions.

(17:19:32) GregT: perplexed says: Lock the door with a different password

(17:20:52) Atresica: rockfall, hah

(17:20:56) Poozle: GO back to level 2 and try going back arround and to the other shaft

(17:21:30) DPS05: Access tunnel befor A to get to L2

(17:22:28) Atresica: he could just use the lift to go to L2

(17:22:52) Croll: can he move the lifts from the control room?

(17:22:55) Okita: Actually, couldn't he take the Shaft1 lift to lvl 2, then take the Shaft 2 lift to Lvl 1 to get

past the blockage?

(17:23:01) Croll: he might have to move the S2 lift

(17:23:26) Poozle: Thats what we were saying Okita

(17:23:41) Okita: Oh man that dotted line goes all the way down doesn't it.

(17:23:57) Okita: Checking the lvl 2 D/5 might get some equipment.

(17:24:26) Croll: on L3 he can also check the complex

(17:26:03) Croll: did he find anything in the L3 annex?

(17:26:30) ChaoSpectre: I'm a bit behind. What would have caused rockfalls recently?

(17:26:41) Okita: No one knows

(17:27:38) Ruthless: Miranda ate curry before she went there

(17:27:44) ChaoSpectre: Ha.

(17:27:53) Okita: I don't get the jo -oh, you minx.

(17:28:09) ChaoSpectre: I'm liking the 'It's a SETUP GETTEHEFFOUT OF THERE!' theory.

(17:28:53) ChaoSpectre: They're at least hinting at that in there.

(17:29:06) Okita: yeah, well I doubt Kurt will stop for that.

(17:29:30) ChaoSpectre: Granted.

(17:29:35) Okita: how come we're missing the 8th moderator?

(17:29:37) Ruthless: When Kurt starts shouting and cursing will it come up in caps?

(17:30:12) Croll: whats wrong?

(17:30:16) darkflamer: eek

(17:30:30) Okita: Gah, I tried to say to lock the door before he left the control room. >_<

(17:30:47) Okita: Well, miranda might have figured out the pass anyway

(17:30:50) Croll: can you find the panel on the same level as you

(17:30:54) Croll: might help with lights

(17:31:09) ChaoSpectre: I saw that comment made in the channel.

(17:31:23) Poozle: Kurt should get back to the lift

(17:31:34) Croll: what was the sounds?

(17:31:37) Ruthless: If the controle room can change the water and electricity levels then we have a rpoblem, kurt

needs to move quickly and keep hes ears and key open for any changed in air pressure

(17:31:41) Okita: er, why is kurt talking in kurtchad and not kurt mod?

(17:31:47) ChaoSpectre: Go all the way back to the control room?

(17:32:23) GregT: If there's sound, can we get a URL?

(17:32:37) Okita: Ugh, that was too staticky for proper morse.

(17:32:54) beglee: can he slow it down or shud we

(17:33:26) ChaoSpectre: Not necessarily staticky... but maybe we need to rearrange it.

(17:33:49) ChaoSpectre: Can someone interpret the primary pattern?

(17:34:09) ChaoSpectre: ...Oh. There are two.

(17:35:07) darkflamer: yes, got it oin cool edit

(17:35:09) GregT: BTW everyone locked out and still in Syzygy is very grateful for the static links!

(17:35:14) darkflamer: left and right channels are different

(17:35:34) Tintintin: Sounds to me like DA-DA-DIT-DA-DA-DIT-DIT-DA-DA-DIT-DA-DIT

(17:35:48) Tintintin: (where DA is a long pulse and DIT a short one)

(17:35:56) Okita: It's two morse codes one for the right, one for hte left.

(17:36:10) Okita: nice job

(17:36:15) Envoy: Well done!

(17:36:17) Ruthless: Good good guys

(17:36:44) ChaoSpectre: Is that really a practical method of giving such warnings?

(17:36:49) Tintintin: Bloody hell, that was good work

(17:36:50) darkflamer: not really

(17:37:00) darkflamer: not with the channels human could do that :D

(17:37:09) Tintintin: Boredom is clearly a dangerous thing when you're a miner

(17:37:14) Okita: so we still haven't encountered a magnetif field puzzle and an idiosyncratic machine puzzle

(17:37:29) ChaoSpectre: The channels thing was just Kurt's location at the time of the recording...

(17:37:43) Tintintin: ""This mine's not dangerous enough... Let's include some morse code!""

(17:38:08) ChaoSpectre: ...yep... it's going to go boom around 3. I know it.

(17:38:25) Ruthless: Japfag

(17:38:33) Ruthless: Kanji lol, jk

(17:38:54) ChaoSpectre: Should we have him push anything?

(17:39:06) Croll: theres some letters near the levers

(17:39:29) Ruthless: A B C D

(17:39:34) darkflamer: is it a 3d map of the mine? kinda..

(17:39:38) Ruthless: A has V S W L on it

(17:40:13) darkflamer: nope..looking at it wrong, ignore me

(17:40:31) Okita: V is a funky way of saying east....

(17:40:34) darkflamer: i said ignore me! grr :p

(17:41:07) Envoy: It's a lighting effect trick, ignore the thing on d lever.

(17:41:15) GregT: sledge: looks like lens flair

(17:41:30) Okita: right, the puzzle is to get all green lights

(17:41:41) Okita: So, we should systamatically flip all switches to see what they do, one at a time?

(17:41:54) darkflamer: thats the brute-force way to do it...lets me smarter..

(17:42:10) Tintintin: If D controls the big green light, I think that's the last switch to throw

(17:42:14) Okita: Since the big one was the one that activated, perhaps D is the drive lever? To attempt to throw

the final thing?

(17:42:15) Okita: yeah

(17:42:23) Tintintin: try moving A first, then B, then C, then D

(17:42:30) Ruthless: Ollie is getting abused

(17:42:49) Croll: check for gas

(17:43:03) ChaoSpectre: Oh crap. Is ventilation out?

(17:43:11) Envoy: Which level is he on?

(17:43:15) Poozle: 4 envoy

(17:43:15) ChaoSpectre: 4?

(17:43:42) Envoy: Have him move lever C up.

(17:44:54) Envoy: I have questions about the levers, need quick answers.

(17:45:20) Envoy: What is the nature of all of the levers to they all spring back into position or is it only the A

lever with the four directions that springs back into position?

(17:46:01) Okita: Oh I get it

(17:46:04) Okita: V is for ventilation

(17:46:10) Okita: wait no

(17:46:15) darkflamer: the other channel got that awhile ago

(17:46:24) darkflamer: I'm guessing A is a control lever for four systems, as suggested Lights, Ventilation, Water

and something else. whereas the other three change the status of those things.

(17:46:30) darkflamer: (copy of someone else)

(17:46:34) Okita: no, i was going to say that when he flicked V he turned ventilation off which was why it's

getting stuffy

(17:46:42) Okita: but it got stuffy before he flicked V so that's not it.

(17:46:50) GregT: sledge sayz: W could just be for pumping water out of the mines?

(17:47:55) beglee: do any of the other levers bring about a green light?

(17:48:13) GregT: Gamegirl suggested A could be Air

(17:48:41) Envoy: It's probably wrong of my to be annoyed with Kurt for solving it without us since otherwise he'd

probably suffocate right?

(17:48:51) Okita: Yeah Envoy, Kurt suffocating is bad.

(17:48:51) Croll: move A to V and B up at the same time

(17:49:02) Envoy: Can you ask him to send an updated picture?

(17:49:34) Riiick: Does moving any of the other leavers change the colour at all ?

(17:49:43) beglee: move b til the light changees?

(17:50:40) Okita: lever positions are C is up, D is upand left

(17:51:05) Okita: Aw, I think he's fed up.

(17:51:21) Ruthless: L, B up, C down, D left

(17:51:31) darkflamer: umm...what are we even trying to do?

(17:51:36) Ruthless: No idea

(17:51:37) GregT: E_nygma asks: Kurt, is the air any better?

(17:52:20) Croll: do the same for L

(17:53:23) Ruthless: NO water before anyone says it lol

(17:53:34) Tintintin: Not yet, anyway

(17:54:04) Envoy: There's no reason why it would pump water *into* the mine.

(17:54:10) Ruthless: Ask Kurt if he can swim lol

(17:54:12) Tintintin: Anyone come up with a plausible explanation for 'S'?

(17:54:17) Ollie: Sewage?

(17:54:31) GregT: e_nygma says: Having the water in place limits Miranda's movements

(17:54:39) Okita: S is the busted Light perhaps.

(17:54:41) Tintintin: Seepage? (as in gas)?

(17:55:02) ChaoSpectre: Surveillance?

(17:55:02) Envoy: ~HEAT!

(17:55:03) Ruthless: If there are security cams then e3 know hes there

(17:55:11) Okita: Well he tried a s and it didn't work. Means disabled Security cams. Guess the control center is


(17:55:12) Envoy: The warnings!#

(17:55:15) Ruthless: Get kurt to try and inspect a cam

(17:56:02) Ruthless: Tell Kurt to lose some weight

(17:56:15) Okita: that's mean Ruthless.

(17:56:29) Ruthless: lol

(17:56:31) ChaoSpectre: Why would there be methane in a mine?

(17:56:41) Lysithea: are there any gas masks in the change room?

(17:57:01) Tintintin: Because it's heavier than air and sinks - through porous rock as well

(17:57:02) Ruthless: Coz Miranda had the curry, thats waht caused the rockfall......the methan is left over from

the blast she let off

(17:57:12) GregT: Shewholaughs suggests: might be some breathing equipment in teh locker room?

(17:57:27) ChaoSpectre: But a room of it?

(17:57:34) ChaoSpectre: And there are two such chambers.

(17:57:40) ChaoSpectre: Nooo Ollie!

(17:58:13) Ruthless: YAYA Join dots up

(17:58:15) Ruthless: :)

(17:58:33) Envoy: constellation?

(17:58:39) Ruthless: No

(17:58:49) darkflamer: overlay?

(17:58:50) Ruthless: It would be perplex city constellation

(17:59:54) Riiick: Is there dust that needs cleaning off of it?

(17:59:55) GregT: sledge says: looks like lettering as well maybe?

(18:00:16) Envoy: Ask Kurt if he recognizes it as any of the PXZC constellations? In particular the hilighted

(circled) ones.

(18:00:59) Ruthless: Smile :)

(18:01:07) GregT: Notable places in Perplex City?

(18:01:10) GregT: Compare to PXC map

(18:01:20) GregT: Mavey says: POssibly dots fit over a world map

(18:01:31) GregT: Sledge says: Astrological? But why in a mine?

(18:02:27) Okita: Connecting the dots seems to be rubbish

(18:02:48) GregT: e_nygma says: Must be something miners were REALLY familiar with

(18:03:31) GregT: Maevey says: Looks like the symbols on the map Kurt made while looking for Miranda

(18:03:42) Jereth: yea

(18:03:44) Okita: What if it's the train path for the perplex city railway?

(18:03:48) ChaoSpectre: ...They don't easily correspond to the train map.

(18:03:50) Okita: That would correspond to the towns

(18:03:53) Okita: darn

(18:04:01) ChaoSpectre: Theyre are marked similarities

(18:04:07) ChaoSpectre: and proximities that are interesting.

(18:04:15) Jereth: have kurt see if it comes off or is bolted welded on

(18:04:17) ChaoSpectre: But I'm rather wondering what the hollow circle could mean.

(18:04:34) GregT: Ifurita says: Looks like a Z or an N on the plate

(18:04:45) Lysithea: what if the hollow circle represents the mine location

(18:05:37) Okita: Doesn't look like it corresponds to the donkey either

(18:05:41) ChaoSpectre: Does he know what kind of password the door will take?

(18:06:15) Jereth: someone superimpose it over the map of the mine

(18:06:53) Jereth: kurt can you move the panel

(18:06:58) Davermouse: humm, I reckon that the darker stuff on the left is sea...

(18:07:06) Okita: ugh, what atime to not have photoshop

(18:07:49) ChaoSpectre: They may correspond to the southern four towns.

(18:08:02) GregT: e_nygma says: okay .. if that's the rail system, then the hollow dot is local station, and the

four circles are the important info (i.e. the passcode)?

(18:09:09) beglee: looks like treachery, stone mills, elmness and wooster are the four circled dots

(18:09:19) Envoy: West

(18:09:21) beglee: WEST?

(18:09:51) Cassandra: Wooster, Elmness, Stone Mills, Treachery?

(18:09:54) Phant: It's above ground

(18:09:55) ChaoSpectre: No.

(18:10:04) ChaoSpectre: Doesn't quite fit.

(18:10:15) Envoy: Would it be the underground from *underneath*?

(18:10:34) Okita: i really hope that's right. otherwise we're in for some trouble

(18:11:09) Envoy: it's WEST!

(18:11:15) Envoy: The open circle is in the WEST.

(18:11:28) Croll: woo :)

(18:11:35) Okita: lucky lucky

(18:11:40) Okita: or was it skill?

(18:12:00) Lysithea: put on a suit

(18:12:14) ChaoSpectre: ...

(18:13:22) GregT: As always, link please 8-)

(18:13:40) Croll: wear yellow

(18:13:40) Okita: Red for electricity, green for air, blue for gas?

(18:13:49) Envoy: Yup.

(18:14:10) Okita: so why yellow?

(18:14:22) ChaoSpectre: Apparently someone died in blue.

(18:14:53) Envoy:

(18:15:32) Okita: R?ntgen equivalent is REM

(18:15:36) Okita: tis radiation

(18:15:37) Okita: O2 is oxygen

(18:15:39) Okita: obviously

(18:15:42) Phant: milliRads

(18:16:11) ChaoSpectre: ...we don't know what the suits do.

(18:16:13) ChaoSpectre: We know what they don't do.

(18:16:36) Envoy: Thick boots

(18:16:37) Phant: heavy boots requires

(18:17:03) Lysithea: maybe the suits are the reverse of the song, maybe the red suit protects against electrical


(18:17:25) Okita: Spanners are always useful to take along

(18:17:27) ChaoSpectre: No. I think it's just what the suits don't do.

(18:17:37) Envoy: Indeed, get a selection of the tools.

(18:17:52) Ruthless: collect spanners

(18:17:58) ChaoSpectre: We know not to pick blue.

(18:18:06) GregT: sledge says: a torch, perhaps?

(18:18:10) GregT: hawk says: a helmet might be good

(18:18:17) ChaoSpectre: But nothing else. I suppose the yellow suit is the only one that does all the work then?

(18:18:21) beglee: put ALL the suits on :)

(18:18:40) Okita: ""suit up!"" that's so ""how I met your mother""-like

(18:18:54) Envoy: Look closer at the picture.

(18:19:04) Envoy: Of the suits, Yellow is the only one that's different in direction.

(18:19:22) Envoy: The three other suits are kind of facing in a different direction.

(18:19:26) ChaoSpectre: Can it be that obvious?

(18:19:27) Okita: Can his Key detect radiation?

(18:19:46) beglee: looks like the same pic of the same suit, copied 4 times, coloured differently and yyellow one


(18:19:51) Phant: are there are hard hats?

(18:20:01) Envoy: Exactly, why is the yellow one mirroed?

(18:20:03) Ruthless: Kurt wont die from that level of radiation

(18:20:13) Envoy: There's been confirming clues in the puzzles.

(18:20:16) ChaoSpectre: I've seen the picture. You don't get anything except the yellow one is facing left.

(18:20:23) ChaoSpectre: or right... I'm not looking right now.

(18:20:37) Envoy: The WEST puzzle was spelled out with the four circles, but the small blank circle was in the west

of the panel.

(18:20:44) ChaoSpectre: I suppose.

(18:22:05) Okita: Heeey, Ollie made it back. yay

(18:22:15) ChaoSpectre: Oppa!

(18:22:32) Okita: Moment of truth....

(18:22:34) Envoy: It's probably an airlock for a reason, be sure to close it in the right sequence so that ...

(18:22:53) ChaoSpectre: And we never heard from him again. What would happen if Kurt died?

(18:22:53) Envoy: Wait, he wants to *catch* miranda not kill her right?

(18:23:13) ChaoSpectre: Uh oh.

(18:23:27) Jereth: if kurt dies im blaming oliverkeers

(18:23:27) Envoy: Ask him if he's feeling light-headed.

(18:23:51) Okita: I think you were right Chaos about the poem saying what the suits ""don't"" do

(18:24:06) Okita: thus yellow being the one that covers everything

(18:24:36) Envoy: Was there an interactive map that 's showing where Kurt is right now?

(18:24:44) Okita: no

(18:25:28) Okita: Y'know, I don't think any mods are checking here since Oliver left. too many channels to keep

track of.

(18:25:34) Okita: still, at least we can spec here without too much spam.

(18:25:40) ChaoSpectre: Amen.

(18:25:45) Ruthless: Agrred

(18:26:00) ChaoSpectre: What does he see?

(18:26:17) Envoy: Search the area.

(18:27:19) GregT: <sledge> Any rope or anything in the lockers?

(18:27:19) Phant: can he keep going South?

(18:27:42) ChaoSpectre: How about... will he be able to get back out?

(18:27:52) Okita: Yeah continuing going south down the passage may yield some benefits.

(18:28:04) ChaoSpectre: He's on 4? How much more south is there?

(18:28:30) Okita: well a little...

(18:28:45) ChaoSpectre: Oh, right. No light. He hasn't looked there yet.

(18:28:54) Croll: hmm...

(18:28:55) ChaoSpectre: Alright then. I vote for south.

(18:28:58) GregT: Block the grate and flood the tunnel

(18:29:08) ChaoSpectre: Block the grate with what?

(18:29:15) GregT: stuff from lockers - spare suits

(18:29:37) Okita: there isn't any water flow so there'd be nothing to fill up the area

(18:29:58) Okita: i take that back.

(18:30:26) GregT: BTW thanks sim

(18:30:48) Envoy: He's on level four?

(18:30:55) ChaoSpectre: Is there anything down there at all?

(18:31:01) GregT: Go with the flood

(18:31:03) ChaoSpectre: Pipes and a grate. What else?

(18:31:25) Mindez: Break the pipes with spanner?

(18:31:34) ChaoSpectre: Or use the spanner to just open one?

(18:31:40) Envoy: don't need to break the pipes, spanner is a wrench, he can open them.

(18:31:41) Mindez: ...But smashing is funner.

(18:31:42) GregT: <Arc> can kurt see anything above him?

(18:31:49) GregT: <Ifurita> what is the diameter of the pipes?

(18:31:50) ChaoSpectre: And nigh impossible.

(18:32:53) Envoy: There's a passage on the map that shows a level deeper than level 4, that goes down and to the

left. I think that's where we might need to go.

(18:33:16) ChaoSpectre: But flooding will take him up... so... that's no good.

(18:33:23) Jereth: how are the pipes connected vai boplts

(18:33:39) Envoy: Leap of faith? Jump in?

(18:34:07) Mindez: He wants to go up though.

(18:34:17) Mindez: That's where the electricity thing was coming from.

(18:34:27) GregT: <Arc> are there any nuts or bolts on the pipes you can loosen?

(18:34:33) GregT: <Arc> that way you can tighten them again to stop the flow?

(18:34:49) ChaoSpectre: I think the pressure would be too much.

(18:35:12) Envoy: Hold on, where is he trying to get to?

(18:35:16) Phant: ok what's is plan to flood it then

(18:35:16) Okita: the lowest point

(18:35:23) Phant: he wants to go up

(18:35:24) ChaoSpectre: Oh CRAP.

(18:35:26) Envoy: Is he trying to get back upstairs? Or the hightest place?

(18:35:35) Okita: Anyway, the controls for the water in the previous area is useless because that's what let water

into the area in the first palce

(18:35:39) Jereth: thiers a room above floor 1 i assume thats our destination

(18:35:40) ChaoSpectre: Are we wrong?

(18:35:51) Envoy: Can he remove the grate with the spanner?

(18:35:54) ChaoSpectre: Is the grate actually a vertical thing?

(18:36:09) Phant: he saw electricity being used 'tween shft 2 & 3 on L1

(18:36:13) Mindez: The grate is on the floor.

(18:36:22) Mindez: He doesn't want to go down, he wants to go up.

(18:36:27) Okita: bloody hell, he tells us about the valve NOW?

(18:36:31) beglee: can he see anything above him?

(18:36:34) ChaoSpectre: Well then why can't he get to the other side of the passage?

(18:36:40) Mindez: He has

(18:36:43) Mindez: He said ""Nothing interesting there""

(18:37:06) Okita: Ugh, kurtchat is getting kind of psycho.

(18:37:16) ChaoSpectre: Okay... I misread the order of comments. My bad.

(18:37:19) GregT: <Ifurita> you could use an extra tank + bladder of some sort as a flotation vest

(18:37:23) Envoy: Gaaaaaaaah, cave diving is the single most dangerious sport on the planet, and that's with

  • proper* equipment.

(18:37:34) Typhin: Increase in water in an airtight air could increase air pressure and cause further problems? see

the film Daylight?

(18:37:57) Okita: I do remember that movie Typhin. Gave me nightmares every time I entered the tunnel.

(18:38:21) GregT: <Ifurita> in fact, an extra pair of pants, wetted down, with the legs tied off, will hold air

(18:38:40) Envoy: Too long to go back, the suit is airtight.

(18:39:02) Envoy: Do it, up up and away.

(18:41:09) Envoy: I thought there were only one type of boots.

(18:41:32) Jereth: good luck kurt becarefull

(18:41:43) Okita: how many hours has kurt been at this? I'm suprised vi hasn't shown up yet

(18:41:52) Envoy: Oh geeez, don't tell him that!

(18:41:56) Ruthless: 2.41

(18:42:42) ChaoSpectre: LEAD boots?!

(18:43:04) Envoy: Does he think the cold will be a problem before he goes up enough?

(18:43:56) Okita: probably not

(18:43:58) Okita: otherwise he'd mention it

(18:44:29) ChaoSpectre: How's his physical condition?

(18:44:33) ChaoSpectre: ie. his ankle?

(18:44:48) Ruthless: HEaled

(18:44:51) Okita: i think his ankle is healed

(18:45:19) ChaoSpectre: I've been noting concerns over his ankle, however.

(18:45:46) Okita: I've got the amusing image in my head of miranda drowning due to kurt's actions

(18:45:46) Envoy: Keep it together Kurt, you're allmost there.

(18:46:05) Envoy: can he use the key?

(18:46:13) beglee: was the control room on L1 or L2?he could drain water from there after

(18:46:37) Ruthless: Get ready to work out how to drain the water lol

(18:46:49) Envoy: What's that little room at the top of the shaft?

(18:46:50) ChaoSpectre: The water flow is constant...

(18:47:03) beglee: ahhhhh, use the spanner

(18:47:14) ChaoSpectre: Swim flipper!

(18:47:16) Envoy: Spanner spanner spanner

(18:47:31) Okita: this doesn't make sense... wouldn't the water go into Shaft 3, effectively slowing down the rise

by half?

(18:47:32) Jereth: hell die if he stay die if he loses the pack

(18:48:25) Typhin: phew

(18:48:27) beglee: miranda? behind dorr?

(18:48:51) Jereth: tell kurt be careful

(18:49:02) Envoy: Move around and warm up

(18:49:18) beglee: were gonna need violet to get him out of that dead end

(18:49:34) GregT: <Ifurita> is it an airlock type of door that willkeep water out

(18:49:35) GregT: <Ifurita> or just a door?

(18:49:40) Jereth: is kurt in s2 top the west room ?

(18:49:47) ChaoSpectre: Unless S3 goes somewhere.

(18:50:09) ChaoSpectre: It's keeping water out.

(18:50:36) GregT: <Ifurita> Did you lose any equipment in the ascent?

(18:51:05) ChaoSpectre: ...will the door hold... as the water rises in the shaft?

(18:51:41) Okita: who knwos

(18:51:48) Okita: there's got to be some sort of failsafe for leaks

(18:52:01) ChaoSpectre: And are we unconcerned about the gas up on this level?

(18:52:07) Envoy: First things first, get him warmed up.

(18:52:12) Jereth: look in the floor bolted panels

(18:52:13) beglee: dig through to s3?

(18:52:38) Enigmaster: yes! dig down

(18:52:41) Jereth: it should be posible to force through to the l1 flopor and swim to s3

(18:52:45) Enigmaster: past the sealed door

(18:53:15) Enigmaster: use the drill :)

(18:53:41) Envoy: pneumatics should be safe under water, no electricity.

(18:54:22) Envoy: Which shaft is he just outside of now???

(18:54:29) Okita: hehe uses the pneumatic drill

(18:54:37) Jereth: s2

(18:54:38) Okita: sexual innuendo now entails.

(18:54:39) Okita: :p

(18:54:45) Envoy: Tron Jeremy!

(18:54:46) Jereth: hes on s2 a small alcove

(18:55:04) ChaoSpectre: Oh. That's where he is?

(18:55:12) Envoy: OK, than I've placed him correctly, this is to try to get back into L1 directly below him?

(18:55:20) Okita: yup

(18:55:25) Jereth: yea

(18:56:00) Envoy: Have we figured out what the CH symbols mean?

(18:56:11) Okita: chemical hazard

(18:56:15) Okita: or carbon hazard

(18:56:16) Okita: whatever

(18:57:23) Okita: ugh, now i'm sleepy

(18:57:32) Okita: and the kurtsuggest channel ist starting to die out. *Sigh*

(18:57:40) Jereth: compressed hydrogen maybe ?

(18:57:47) Okita: he passed through that area already

(18:57:55) ChaoSpectre: How does that explain the CO2?

(18:57:59) beglee: this is better than kurtchat, too much rubbish in kurtchat

(18:58:00) ChaoSpectre: And there's another one in S3, no?

(18:58:02) Okita: twas CO2 gas + radiation

(18:58:02) EvilGenius: he's got another comimg

(18:58:30) Jereth: whats the hazard in s3

(18:59:01) EvilGenius: don't know yet . . .

(18:59:06) beglee: the map says silburn-griggs site 1, so might there be more sites and mines to navigate i wonder

(18:59:06) Enigmaster: he'll probably need to make use of the gas equipment

(18:59:36) Jereth: yea s3 shows straight to 3.5 then hazard area hmmm

(19:00:22) Enigmaster: ohh...

(19:00:31) Jereth: hes through

(19:00:52) Enigmaster: all the metal = the 3P modifications?

(19:00:59) Jereth: hes opening it up please be carefull kurt

(19:01:06) Jereth: nod

(19:02:21) Jereth: s3 s2 corridor signal dropping

(19:02:25) Okita: yeah

(19:02:26) Okita: great

(19:02:36) Okita: he's going to disappear and then give us an update ""later""

(19:02:45) Okita: and we'll have to get vi to pull his keister out of the fire

(19:02:55) EvilGenius: or Miranda will update us

(19:03:12) ChaoSpectre: He has been going for three hours.

(19:03:15) Envoy: Hearing

(19:03:21) Jereth: ok activity new immage coming up poor kurt

(19:03:22) ChaoSpectre: And we don't know if he can hear us.

(19:03:22) Envoy: He's hearing some activity

(19:03:44) ChaoSpectre: Kurt dies.

(19:03:48) Okita: security cam!

(19:03:52) ChaoSpectre: Or something. Takes a blow to the haid.

(19:03:54) Jereth: right someone get filtering that immage

(19:03:56) ChaoSpectre: ...head.

(19:03:58) Okita: ugh it wonked out

(19:04:07) Okita: I couldn't save it in time!

(19:04:15) Envoy: Where's the image?!?!

(19:04:18) ChaoSpectre: What image? I'm on IRC.

(19:04:22) Okita: the image is out

(19:04:22) ChaoSpectre: mIRC.

(19:04:24) Okita: it disappeared

(19:04:26) Okita: gah

(19:04:27) Enigmaster: it was there a sec ago, all static

(19:04:37) rjw76: URL for image! Please!

(19:04:45) rjw76: someone must have got it!

(19:04:47) Envoy: seconded.

(19:04:47) Jereth: yea looked like a noisified image

(19:04:53) Okita: i don't think there was time.

(19:04:54) Envoy: Where are you seeing this image?

(19:05:00) ChaoSpectre: the java client?

(19:05:04) Enigmaster: all image updates here

(19:05:05) Ruthless: link please

(19:05:07) Okita: we saw it on the main javaclinent site.

(19:05:44) Enigmaster: somethings loading there...

(19:05:50) Jereth: it replaced for a sec

(19:05:51) Okita: can someone save the image?

(19:06:11) Jereth: got it saved

(19:06:15) Enigmaster: same

(19:06:16) Okita: awesome jereth

(19:06:25) Envoy: I'm not seeing any images! I juast hav ethe chat window.

(19:06:30) Jereth: okita standbye for dcc

(19:06:37) Okita: s'okay

(19:06:41) EvilGenius: was that kurt bent over a desk?

(19:06:41) Okita: keep it for now

(19:06:41) ChaoSpectre: Thank you for killing my firefox.

(19:06:50) Okita: we'll work on it later (mainly because i don't have the tech to fix it)

(19:07:07) Envoy: I don't see any images?!?!?

(19:07:10) darkflamer: cant see anything..

(19:07:11) Envoy: *waugh!*

(19:07:13) Jereth: who needs it

(19:07:22) darkflamer: *yelp* me

(19:07:25) Okita: save it for now jereth, we'll play pass the pic later after this is all over

(19:07:41) Enigmaster: miranda!

(19:08:15) Envoy: me

(19:10:16) Envoy: Can't transfer files. On a java client in a net caff.

(19:10:40) Jereth: 3 secured im sending most by bandwith ist eatedby this thin

(19:10:41) Croll: inc???

(19:10:51) Jereth: ok envoy ill secure em and e to you later

(19:11:10) Enigmaster: i've got 3 of em so far

(19:11:33) Jereth: ive got 3 also

(19:12:20) Jereth: grey diary whats this ?

(19:12:29) Enigmaster: the granier diary

(19:12:53) Jereth: k

(19:13:45) ChaoSpectre: Is anyone logging this?

(19:14:15) Okita: there better be

(19:14:26) Jereth: no but ill record and trandscribe

(19:14:39) Poozle: I've got it logged automatically, all the chats have been

(19:14:55) Jereth: ah good

(19:15:34) Ruthless: WHY ARE THEY KISSIGN!?

(19:16:07) ChaoSpectre: Probably. :)

(19:16:19) Envoy: I can't see the photos. *so annoyed*

(19:16:55) Jereth: envoy give me your e and ill send what ive got

(19:16:55) Enigmaster: fighting?

(19:17:07) Jereth: thier fighting wow

(19:17:32) Envoy: e?

(19:18:08) Okita: nervewracking is what it is

(19:18:19) Jereth: this is the first online event ive taken part it

(19:18:23) Envoy: I'm envoy at livejournal dot com

(19:18:27) ChaoSpectre: fightnign?

(19:18:55) Jereth: k

(19:19:14) Enigmaster: theres only 1 of them?

(19:19:20) Okita: 2

(19:19:25) Okita: i wonder what's on the table nearby

(19:20:58) Okita: anyone else having wonky access issues with the next thermal image?

(19:21:28) Envoy: I can't see a one of them.

(19:21:56) ChaoSpectre: FSCHWA?! ""You had to do it?!""

(19:22:10) Poozle: Someone mentioned in the other chat a lack of oxypro

(19:22:14) Okita: that doesn't sound good

(19:22:14) ChaoSpectre: WHAT THE F***!

(19:22:22) Poozle: meaning, could it be

(19:22:22) Enigmaster: wow

(19:23:05) Jereth: ive goten a lot of em

(19:23:14) Enigmaster: 29 and counting

(19:23:25) Jereth: didnt get that many

(19:23:30) Ruthless: Well, shes dead

(19:23:32) Enigmaster: :p

(19:23:37) Jereth: yup

(19:23:41) ChaoSpectre: OH Sh... ""Key connection disrupted""

(19:24:08) Enigmaster: there we have it

(19:24:17) Jereth: noo i have to go <email removed> tell me if anything else happens

(19:25:04) Ruthless: Well Carolines rain of terro is now over