The Thirteenth Labour

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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth

Season 1 Card #251 - The Thirteenth Labour


Card text


69 A9 3A FD C5 AD 43 8F 48 53 56 0F

1D 35 3A 8C 5C 44 A6 90 1B 76 46 C7

65 53 C8 A1 E4 B0 40 41 85 2B B7 81

59 E0 D2 39 35 A3 27 3B C3 AF 2E 2E

2F 3B 3B 0B 01 FE 67 51 FE 73 A8 E9

36 0A 93 85 55 2E 9A 4A AE C9 84 CF

18 F8 AB 4D B5 6D 45 07 4E 17 23 A5

7C F1 E8 BD A5 8A BD C8 FE FC DA 2B

6B 71 76 88 1F C0 D1 95 61 8D DB DC

D8 17 2E D7 1D D5 F7 AB AD AB 3E 52

2A 9A 9B BA 37 FE 80 FB 53 95 C9 1D

A2 22 AE 72 85 4A 43 1F 7C 2A BF 2A

79 3A 15 03 8D F2 5B 43 98 90 6D CC

A0 BB E2 A9 6A 52 D1 CB 2B 83 DE D8

BF EC 20 11 70 71 AA 22

Cowhead.gif Cowhead.gif Cowhead.gif Cowhead.gif Cowhead.gif 

The absolute basics

  • We assume a block of text has been scrambled (encrypted) so that we cannot read it
  • the RC5.64 standard refers to how it has been scrambled
  • This scrambling requires a 'Key' to unlock it - we are searching for that key.
  • So there are two camps
    • one camp is supplying thousands of words randomly as keys to see if that produces anything reasonable
    • The other camp is trying to figure out the appropriate word (perhaps using the Labours of Hercules as a clue) then trying that word
  • Of course, if we are wrong about the encryption standard, then we are fairly fubarred, but it would appear that all roads point to it.

  • Of course, there was some speculation that the 12 referred to the fact that there were 12 tasks of Hercules, and 12 RC5 challenges posted by RSA security
    • This was therefore the '13th Challenge'
    • Also, if this does need a brute force or grid computing attack - this would be a 'Herculean Challenge'

The distributed assault is currently underway, see below and at the Assault on 13th Labour site.

Cowheads and 64/12/8

  • The cows represent the symbol of, who first cracked the RC5.64 protocol, possibly indicating that this card requires a simple RC5.64 crack as well
  • However, the card doesn't say RC5.64, it says 64/12/8. The assumption is that:
    • the 5 cow heads is a pointer to the RC5 standards, as worked on by the folks at
    • The 64 would therefore be the encryption standard (RC5.64)
    • The 12 is supposedly the number of rounds, and the key is 8 characters long
    • That is why the brute force using 8 character words and phrases

Distributed Effort

Recently, work has been done by chimera245 to set up a coordinated Grid Computing solve on this Card. There is more information on this here kindly maintained by GuiN. The Grid Client is running nicely and is available here.

Earlier efforts included some work by Scott who did some math, and observed how long it would take to work out an answer here. See: Rccrypt Work Unit checkout for the original proposal for a combined effort.


As of 23-SEP-06, the client has tried every single combination of letters and numbers. That is, every single 8 character combination of the characters: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789. Nothing has come of this. Basically, this means that the key to unlocking the code HAS to contain at least one symbol. Chimera245 has updated the program, adding 5 more characters to test - <space> . , ? and ! - This will double the size of the possible keyspace.

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