Tippy Ankron

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Tippy may soon take a moment out of her busy social schedule to do some work.


  • holds a PCAG studentship in multi-disciplinary studies
  • graduate of Marmalejo College
  • joined the Academy after a good performance across an exceptionally broad range of events in the 263 PCAG
  • among the other puzzle scribes, Tippy is famed for her exacting taste - she has insisted on having her office remodelled according to her own specifications, complete with murals and hand-carved furniture - and for never appearing to do any work, despite producing excellent results
  • is known to be an astonishing "puzzle mimic", able to perfectly re-create the style of many famous puzzle scribes
  • regularly rides her mare Escapade in the Perplex City open trials
  • is a keen player of beach volleyball on the weekends