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==Episode guide==
===Episode One===
Dragonscales goes over the best and worst bits of the week, and leaderboard coverage. Discusses [[Ollie]], the [[OK13DTFC]] and [[leitmarks]]. Expresses love for Guy. Card of the week: #56, Gravity.
===Episode Two===
Shows off lego computer, explains competition to find name, goes over recent Sentinel headlines, library of babel, leaderboard. Card of the week: 125, Karma Chameleon. PCAG London shirt, blue leitmark. Floppy. Outtakes.
===Episode Three===
Ill, still earned purple leitmark. Checklist: say hi to mac_monkey, stone, skenmy, Unrealt87. Admits similarity to guy. Sponsorship by Perplexorum. Rejected name suggestions. Scarlett's puzzle. Ask MasterCheese. Funny hat. Attempted asplosions. Card of the week: 179.
===Episode Four===
Apologies, MasterCheese, news (wii), MasterCheese, some headlines, new possible show names, Russell Brand. Big fat cockerels. MasterCheese. Card of the week: #2, Designer flakes. Obligatory mention of floppiness. [[Tretretretre]]s!
===Episode 4.5===
The mac_monkey apology session.

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