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  • Hidden military complex in the Tanraga Mountains. As of October 2006, it has been opened to tourists, with a Visitor's Centre and neatly labelled displays. Hooking into their system revealed the VHC tempfile
  • We know of the place at all because Pietro Salk came across the name in his research on the cube Theft (links!)

Description from Scarlett

The place is large, about 2 miles all the way round, with many more buildings in it than I thought. There's the main building, the long, low grey one. It's huge, probably at least 150,000 square metres. That's the building which the noise of drilling comes from about 14 hours a day. There are also other buildings though; offices and houses, what look like dorm rooms and even a few stores. The more I watched, the more lax their security systems seemed. The gates are open all the time; people walk in and out easily, not even showing their ID to the guard. They even come out to go running!

Heritage Centre

  • Tours cost 40 Lecks
  • "Viendenbourg base, a great day out for all the family."
  • "Welcome to Historic Viendenbourg, where modern technology meets the past."
  • Visitors wear bright yellow hard hats emblazoned with the words "Visitor to Historic Viendenbourg: handle with care" and drive through a maze of buildings in an open-topped electric wagon
  • "Visitor's Centre" is lined with graphical displays of what looked like sedimentary layers, each neatly labelled
  • Passes are also good for one trip to the Tanraga Animal Sanctuary and a free coffee at the visitors centre at the pre-Hausam land art
  • Displays "celebrate the "rich history" of the region" and have "reconstructions of life in Olde Viendenbourg" - static displays and holographic projections as well as real scientists working on dating pieces discovered on site
  • At the end of the tour, children hook their keys up to the Viendenbourg system to download some worksheets and vids to watch at home -- through this system, Kurt was able to find the VHC tempfile


  • The Scarlett Kite
    • entry, 10-OCT-06 "A year on" (link)
    • entry, 12-OCT-06 "Scrambled" (link)
  • Quirky Acuity
    • entry, 12-OCT-06 "A tale of mystery and wonder" (link)

Codenames "V", "Q", "K" and "C", were hired to do the Theft. They are tied to the deaths of Fran Mendling, Bernardo Holyoke, Pietro Salk, Monica Grand, Isaac Cymbalisty, Anna Heath --- but someone else got to The Cube first. Who? And Why?

"We never held it, It was already gone."