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Timeline for Viendenbourg information

Year Date Event
2004 mid-year Claire Castille develops and maintains confusion field to protect to protect "the development of classified technology" at Viendenbourg. link
May Claire Castille's personnel files at Viendenbourg cease. The files say she had become increasingly erratic and paranoid. link Claire explained to Scarlett that their family history tells that they were involved in what went on at Viendenbourg, and that they were responsible for the deaths of hundreds, and she thinks it caused the devastation at Anjsbourg. She doesn't want it to happen again. link
2005 12 Aug We first heard the name Viendenbourg, in an e-mail from Scarlett. She had found a note hidden in Pietro Salk's desk which read "Reynolds ionizers. Viendenbourg.". It was hidden on the back of the Five of Cups file, so he must have found it during his research about the Theft of the cube. link
22 Aug Scarlett visits Perplex City Museum and is approached by a white-haired man (Henry Castille) and is given a map showing the location of Viendenbourg, which is not on any current maps. link
12 Sept Monica Grand confirms that she has heard of Viendenbourg in connection with equipment (relates to the Theft). link
2 Sept to 14 Oct

Scarlett's first trip to Viendenbourg (2005)

She sets off on trip with friends (with a secret mission to go to Viendenbourg). link Scarlett gives us a map map showing where Viendenbourg is.

Map of Viendenbourg


She meets Allain who is also going to Viendenbourg. link Allain links Viendenbourg to the War. link They go, and the next time we hear from Scarlett she is in hospital, confused and hurt. link Allain is missing. Scarlett remembers little about Viendenbourg. It was a "long, grey, low-slung building" with a humming sound. It turns out they were rescued after what looked like a fall, and she has Allain's damaged key. link

28 Oct to 26 Nov

Back in Tanraga(2005)

Henry Castille convinces Scarlett to help look for his grandson Allain, and daughter (Claire Castille). link Henry Castille reveals to Scarlett that the Castille family can trace their history back to the War and that Viendenbourg held the secret of how the War was won. Claire Castille had discovered that something was happening again at Viendenbourg, she was offered a position there in mid-267 (2004), and although she was in contact for a while, all communication had stopped. link Henry is spilling more secrets - Viendenbourg is protected by a confusion field. He had rigged a protection device in Allain's Key, it failed so he is going to put a stronger one in Scarlett's. link

2 to 23 Dec

Scarlett's Second Trip to Viendenbourg (2005)

She arrives back with a cover story. The humming sound is drilling, and people are going in and out through open gates. link

Scarlett's Description of Viendenbourg (2005)

The place is large, about 2 miles all the way round, with many more buildings in it than I thought. There's the main building, the long, low grey one. It's huge, probably at least 150,000 square metres. That's the building which the noise of drilling comes from about 14 hours a day. There are also other buildings though; offices and houses, what look like dorm rooms and even a few stores. The more I watched, the more lax their security systems seemed. The gates are open all the time; people walk in and out easily, not even showing their ID to the guard. They even come out to go running!

With her cover story, she just walked in to the office building, and asked to see Allain. She was given a key-card and directed to building 12, observation room F. When she arrived there Allain didn't recognise her, so she walked out again. link She went back again with a new plan, but was captured, and led to an office to wait. Scarlett took the opportunity to log into their systems and download documents about Claire Castille. link Commander Fitzgerald arrived, knew who she was, and asked her to let her father know that the security systems were "up to scratch", before arranging transport for her and Allain. link

2006 20 Feb to 26 Sep

Human Teleportation Experiments (2006)

Known dates of cube material experiments upon dogs and humans. Chadwick may have been in command of the cube material testing phases. See VHC tempfile.

Oct 10 to 12

Scarlett and Violet visit Viendenbourg (2006)

They find it has been opened to tourists, with a Visitor's Centre and neatly labelled displays.

  • Tours cost 40 Lecks
  • "Viendenbourg base, a great day out for all the family."
  • "Welcome to Historic Viendenbourg, where modern technology meets the past."
  • Visitors wear bright yellow hard hats emblazoned with the words "Visitor to Historic Viendenbourg: handle with care" and drive through a maze of buildings in an open-topped electric wagon
  • "Visitor's Centre" is lined with graphical displays of what looked like sedimentary layers, each neatly labelled
  • Passes are also good for one trip to the Tanraga Animal Sanctuary and a free coffee at the visitors centre at the pre-Hausam land art
  • Displays "celebrate the "rich history" of the region" and have "reconstructions of life in Olde Viendenbourg" - static displays and holographic projections as well as real scientists working on dating pieces discovered on site
  • At the end of the tour, children hook their keys up to the Viendenbourg system to download some worksheets and vids to watch at home. link

Scarlett thinks that most of it looks brand new. Kurt suggests hooking into their download system, so they go back, and the VHC tempfile is revealed. link


  • The Scarlett Kite
    • entry, 10-OCT-06 "A year on" (link)
    • entry, 12-OCT-06 "Scrambled" (link)
  • Quirky Acuity
    • entry, 12-OCT-06 "A tale of mystery and wonder" (link)

Codenames "V", "Q", "K" and "C", were hired to do the Theft. They are tied to the deaths of Fran Mendling, Bernardo Holyoke, Pietro Salk, Monica Grand, Isaac Cymbalisty, Anna Heath --- but someone else got to The Cube first. Who? And Why?

"We never held it, It was already gone."

Shirt.png Viendenbourg Heritage Centre

Violet & Scarlett went to Viendenbourg, and were shocked by the appalling display of ... tourism. Kurt managed to dislodge a choppy piece of data, affectionately known as the VHC tempfile, the contents of which changed everything.

Contents: Emails from Aparna | Emails between Sente Kiteway and Chadwick | Lab reports | VHC Security log | VHC gif file

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