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The Great City State and Equitable Government of Xia-Hifa is perhaps the most noteworthy political body in relation to Perplex City. the distance and exact direction are not known, but it is a Three-weeks overland journey between Perplex City and Xia-Hifa.

The proper pronunciation is: Xuo-H-yoo-fe with the slight coughing sound called the Kuh at the start. Take it from one who took the lessons, studied the material, and hawked up the phlegm getting those sounds right.


Xia-Hifa was involved in The Great War, which was never officially ended. People simply stopped killing each other, after a major catastrophe killed many, many people. Xia-Hifa was not directly involved in the catastrophe, but has still very much considered Perplex City to be a staunch enemy. This finally started to change, when Perplex City was faced with reaching out to the people of Earth, and realized there was a lot to learn from other cultures. Xia-Hifa seemed to be in the best position to open broad ambassadorial relations with Perplex City.


Xia-Hifa operates on an Equitable Government System, "which is essentially government by jury service, with a certain amount of intra-group jockeying for position thrown in." The citizenry of Xia-Hifa are functionally always performing a civic duty of some sort, in everything they do.

"It makes them think differently about everything." --Violet Kiteway.

Tao-mei quhifa.jpg Violet kiteway.jpg
Ambassador Tao-Mei Quhifa is the first ambassador from Xia-Hifa to Perplex City. Ambassador Violet Kiteway is the first ambassador from Perplex City to Xia-Hifa.


Due to the social/political structure, all things are chosen to make people the happiest. People are called on to serve their nation in whatever way they are able, to the best of their ability. This means all projects, from meager sidewalks, to elaborate paintings and music performances, have state funding. Everyone is not just asked to produce great works, but expected to do so.

It is worth noting that the fashion trends in the Xia-Hifa are noted as being completely atrocious.


Due to the social expectations (described above), the architecture of the city is awe inspiring. Building are assembled in dramatic layouts, a spectacle best typified at the Ring of Flame. 'The Ring' consists of tall buildings in the shape of a flickering flame. This is frequently set to a truly spectacular light-show.

All who have seen both will agree: The view on The Mobius Strip or the vista of Ascedancy Point in Perplex City, is nothing compared to the light show on a Middleday at the Ring of Flame.


Travel in Xia-Hifa seems to be much the same as in Perplex City. Some people have cars, but most people (probably) get around on a light rail system, or small personal vehicles. As relations between the two cities increases, however, an interest in traveling rapidly between the two places is increasing, and some developers are looking into aerial flight -- which has not ever been considered to any great extent anywhere on the planet.

The Progress Towards Peace

Xia-Hifa signed into the Halley Peace Accord of 268 AC. Participating members of the accord are:

The City Council issued a joint statement today announcing that a delegation from Xia-Hifa will arrive later in the week for diplomatic talks. The delegation will be led by Ambassador Tao-Mei Quhifa, a highly-ranked advisor to the Xia-Hifan government. According to the announcement, the delegation is arriving to discuss the possibility of allowing Xia-Hifa to establish a permanent embassy within central Perplex City, as well as a reciprocal embassy in Xia-Hifa.

The Sentinel, 24-JUL-06

  • A 90-day protest was staged, starting in August 2006, by Leo Banatu, in Key Square, against the Council's diplomatic handling of nations including Xia-Hifa