Firebox Advert 28.04.05

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Project Syzygy
Life without cards

Firebox Advert

The April 2005 catalogue had a number of highly unusual tags and scribbles in it.

Corner text

Patrick - We need to communicate to Firebox how serious this matter is. This is not a game >> p14

Page 14 has the following similarly encoded text:

It might do them some good to find out > p23

Page 23 has the following message:

Why the Cube is so important to us. Sente. > p27

And page 27 says:

"Illogical" Card

Between all the distractions and parties at university, I did manage to fit in a few experimental psychology lectures. One of the most interesting things I learned was how at heart, people aren't as logical as they think. Try this problem:

Each of these cards has a letter (A or K) on one side and a number (2 or 7) on the reverse. If I told you there was a rule that a card with A on one side will have a 2 on the reverse, which two cards would you turn over to find out if the rule was true?

The answer to which is A and 7.

Card cat title.jpg Please see Brian Enigma's impressive Card Catalog for a sorted, comprehensive listing of cards.