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  • Currently showing at the Academy Museum is an exhibition of the ancient history of Perplex City
  • Highlights of the exhibition include
  • Admission to the Museum is free
  • The Academy Museum is open every day from 9am to 9pm. The Museum is closed during the PCAG finals, from 25 December to 15 January each year.
  • The Cube Hall, the Great Gallery and the Kermeen Lecture Theatre are available for hire for private functions.
  • The exhibit "Textiles of the World" was closed down after a curator found evidence of an insect infestation in a rare military uniform.


  • Perplex City Sentinel
    • More News In Brief, 06-MAY-05 "Exhibit Infested, Closed"
    • article, 01-SEP-05 "Iona Interviews... Anja Marlowe" link
    • article, 26-SEP-05 "Weekend Brings Protest at Museum Over New Curator" link
    • article, 29-SEP-05 "Academy Museum Announces War Exhibit" link
    • article, 03-OCT-05 "Museum Protesters Rally After War Exhibit Announced" link
    • feature, 23-DEC-05 "Year in Review: Newsmakers of 268" link
    • article, 23-FEB-07 "All the Earth Deserves the Thanks of All of Perplex City" link
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