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Project Syzygy
Life without cards

So far the Perplex City postcard has been found in these locations:

  • Bologna Airport, Bologna, Italy
  • Chapel Hill, NC, USA
  • Cambridge, Cambs, England
  • New York Public Library, SE Fifth and 40th, New York
  • Abbey Road, London

Also postcards are arriving in Packs of Cards.



  • The code below the Semacode means something. Working: Postcard Code
  • The PCPS maze may have meaning.
  • The PCPS maze is drawn by hand.
  • Postcard Discussion on Unfiction.


  • Painting of Perplex City at night
  • The pattern of lit and unlit windows of the building in the foreground of the painting is binary for "helloworld"
  • Letter from Sente
  • Semacode pointing to (NOTE: Semacode is simply a Data Matrix ISO/IEC 16022 standard barcode containing a URL. You can decode semacode with any standard reader)
  • Code of 221545484848465100503215 - Postcard Code
  • A line "MC, Please expedite global release. S"
  • A stamp with a maze and "PCPS" in the centre
  • Text down the middle: "Despite heightened security Academy tours are still running twice daily from gatehouse twelve. Advance booking essential."
  • A full Perplex City Academy crest.
  • The Perplex City Academy postal code (2210). This is confirmed via Sente's contact info on the Academy website.
My friends -

I need your help.
Cube - missing.
Presumed stolen.
Not enough room
to explain here.
Too risky.
Your assistance
will be rewarded.
More contact to 
follow - stay alert.
Yours in hope,




Postcard - Front
Postcard - Back
  • High Resolution Scans of the Postcard
Postcard 1
Postcard 2
Possible Sente Sig
Sente Sig Clear Version
Postcard Sig Clear
Composit of Sigs (by EclecticMunk)
Postcard Semacode
Edited Logo
Adjusted version of the front
Adjusted version of the back
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