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This page is meant to be a resource for anyone new to the game, to make sure all bases are covered. To get oriented, skim over the basic intro.

What to do

  • First, sign up on
    • This will be the place where you enter puzzle card solves.
    • Be sure to fill out your profile and add tags, so that everyone can get to know you!
  • Check out the two forums, perplexcityforums and unfiction
  • Pop into IRC to say hello!
    • mirc info
  • Read through the story so far
    • As you go, check out wiki pages for more information
  • Read through the four (and a half) character blogs
  • Check the trails and calendars

If you have questions as you go along, feel free to ask in #syzygy, search the wiki, search the forum archives, or try to locate it on the calendar/trails page. Try to not post in the forums asking people to catch you up, as there are ample resources and individuals available to help you.

  • Now that you're caught up, be sure to bookmark all of the blogs and news sites so that you'll stay up to date.

The next step

  • Buy some cards and start solving
  • If you find info missing on the wiki, you can request a login and add the info yourself, or notify someone who will fix it up