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This is a listing of websites and pages made and maintained by people living in Perplex City. See Site services for links to sites of people and services which are on earth. Yes, there is some duplication between season one and season two. As the season stretches onward, we expect the differences will increase.


A million stories, yet to be told

Cardinal Sites Apolyton Institute is a highly secretive R&D organization, and something of a rival to the academy. Cognivia, manufacturers of Ceretin Mind Candy, Perplex City's Earth Contact

Redesigned yet again, for Season 2! The Post; For all your parcel delivery needs The Perplex City Sentinel A million stories yet to be told! Silburn-Griggs Mining Company -- almost certainly not to be trusted! Whipsmart, Perplex City's best Ice Cream Shoppe. (Warning: infectious music!)

Blogs and personal spaces Violet Kiteway's blog. She's so cool. Scarlett Kiteway's blog. Eight miles high.

Sub-sites The Post's delivery system test site

Frozen Indigo Angel Frozen Indigo Angel coordination page, with notes by Cyrus Quinton Paul Denchfield's Blog Paul Denchfield's YouTube Paul Denchfield's Flickr Paul Denchfield's Twitter


The search for the Receda Cube on Earth

Cardinal Sites The Ascendancy Point's Home page The Brotherhood of the Six; Cubism cult. (Warning: website may lead to seizures!) Cheap Ceretin - illicit drug seller Cognivia, manufacturers of Ceretin Hesh Records, produces Viard, Roll For Damage Mind Candy, Perplex City's Earth Contact (aka: The PMs) Open Design, webdesigners for many of the sites in Perplex City Previously, this site hosted a pre-game introduction. See for more on this. The original page has changed quite a bit, but site mirrors can be found. Presently this site is geared to run the Leaderboard of Puzzle Cards. The Perplex City Academy The Perplex City Academy Games PCBC - Perplex City Banking Corporation PCBC - Perplex City Police The Perplex City Sentinel Perplex City Rail System homepage. The Perplex City Subway (with references to the London Underground system) Polygon Park Marathon site. a (non searchable) database of past winners. Seaside Press, a local publishing house. Silburn-Griggs Mining Campaign Perplex City's best Ice Cream Shoppe. (Warning: infectious music!)

Blogs and personal spaces Monica Grand, The Advisor, Point of Contact Anna Heath's personal site, at the academy. Oistin Meade's personal project: a set of surveys for the people of Earth. Violet Kiteway's blog. She's so cool. Homepage of Sylvia Salk; Memorial to Pietro Salk Caine Johansson's blog. Rock On, Bulldog. Kurt McAllister's (slightly contraband) blog Scarlett Kiteway's blog. Eight miles high. Scarletts's MySpace. Puzzles and prizes!

Sub-sites Aiko's memorial to Anna Heath An unusual flash animation by parties unnamed. Watch this space! Eclipse Security, User:Password - theadvisor:thelimelife Comprendo Finance, User:Password - theadvisor:rudon Comprendo Finance, User:Password - thesentinel:public_access

Hesh Records security access point - Password: Mixolydian - Mixolydian (G) is the musical mode between Lydian (F) and Aeolian (A), you see. 3PGroupwareManager, The Third Power Groupware Manager Scarlett Kiteway's journey into the heart of darkness.

The Receda Trail A band never organized A movie never made A school never attended A game never produced A vacation never taken Bah! Lies!!! The San Franscisco Connection