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This page is meant to be a resource for anyone new to the game, to make sure all bases are covered. To get oriented, skim over the basic intro.

What to do

  • Discover the Story
    • Read through the official story so far and listen to the podcasts
      • As you discover more details, check out these wiki pages if you have questions and for additional information
    • Once you've caught up on the story so far, read through the four (and a half) character blogs, starting at the beginning of each
    • Visit the trails and calendars section
  • Interact with other players
    • Check out the forums, The Perplexorum, the PXC forums and unfiction
      • We recommend registering on all, so that you can join in on the conversation. A word of warning: there is an overwhelming amount of information on these forums, and it is usually quite scattered. You should wait until you're familiar with the basics of the game and story before posting on them.
      • The Perplexorum has set up a buddy system to help get new players oriented to the game and community - don't hesitate to message a buddy and ask a question!
    • Pop into IRC to say hello!
    • Add your picture to the player gallery

If you have questions as you go along, feel free to ask in IRC, search the wiki, ask your buddy, search the forum archives, or try to locate it on the trails/calendars page. Try to not post in the forums asking people to catch you up, as there are ample resources and individuals available to help you.

The next step