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This page contains a list of all our "known unknowns" - questions that we don't yet have answers to.

Current Hot Topics

Watch this space!

  • What's V doing at Radio One's Big Weekend? We need to stop him using the neural override and turning 30,000 people into walking puppets.

Unsolved Puzzle Cards

The Three:

Older Mysteries to ponder

  • Who created the Djinn virus? This was a virus that destroyed or accessed data on people's keys, and was transmitted key-to-key. It was created by someone who accessed insider information at the Centrifuge labs - a company that manufactures keys.
  • Who, and where, is Cyrus Quinton? He was the operational mastermind of the Cube Theft Team (codename: V) who disappeared once he had murdered Monica Grand. V's DNA records are not on the city databases, according to police leiutenant Helena Frye, which means he is either from outside the city, or has been able to hack into their records. Kurt can't find the name Cyrus Quinton on any databases either.
  • Who was above V in the chain of command? We know he has a Bigger Boss, possibly representative of an even bigger Conspiracy. Who are these people?