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This page is intended to list all Timelines involved in chronicling the Perplex City World.


Timeline:History - This page will list the very extensive and deep history behind Perplex City. Eras and epochs, births and deaths, anniversaries and foundings. Everything we can pin-point will be here.

Timeline:In-game - This page will list everything everyone has been doing for the past year or so. Sente, Violet, Scarlett, Kurt, Anna, and the whole gang. want to know where someone was on some given day? It's probably listed here.

Timeline:Meta - This page should be used to list events such as pre-game, first contact, introductions, and the like.


Theft - While not exactly a Timeline in its own right, this very handy document lists everything we know about the Theft specifically, with some handy dates and times and facts and figures.

Articles By Date - The Sentinel newspaper has been publishing its articles to the patrons of Earth for the past few years. All the articles are collected in order with cross links here.

Salklogs.doc - Between early May and mid June 2005, Pietro Salk, a Sentinel reporter, began working on the greatest scoop ever written. It cost him his life, of course. You can peep in on his conversations with Monica Grand.

Timeline:Scarlett's Adventure - Starting in August 2005, Scarlett took a very, very extended vacation in the Tanraga mountains, and beyond. Lying to her family and friends and leaving her boyfriend, she seeks The Truth.

The Receda Trail - Over late September and most of October 2005, we ran ourselves ragged hunting a bunch of obscure clues and web-sites. The trail is collected here, for your enjoyment. Laugh at our pain.

Leaked E-mails - The Academy has utterly horrid security, at times. We on Earth are fortunate enough to receive some shared emails from within the ivory covered halls.

Theft Case Notes - Helena Frye's case notes regarding the Theft of The Cube. An interesting look at what was going on behind the curve.