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What follows is only the useful stuff Perplex City fans on Earth have made. See Links list for a listing of all the IN GAME websites. See the article 'Puzzletools' for crypto and organizational tools.

The Official Perplex City Site is the Primum Mobile in all things, and has a pleasant listing of Community sites as well.

Getting Started with ARGs

Essentials Perplex City Map - Google Map of the city Perplex City Card Catalog Perplex City Trades - Global Card Trading Hub Perplex City Card Manager - Coordinate what you have and what you need This wiki - YAY!

Card Solving Projects Assault on The Thirteenth Labour. Six degrees of Satoshi. Six degrees of Satoshi. Six degrees of Satoshi. The home page explaining the Riemann Zeta function, and associated prize.

Communities How do you like your unReality? A whole nation of perplexment! Perplexme community, with associated Store for buying cards and suchlike. Perplex City Players Gallery The best in IRC quotes

Blogs The Perplex City Side - created by SilentlyBroken. An amazing collection of write-ups about the various events that have taken place. The ridiculously outdated blog. Pre-Game Reference.