Greycastle Hospital

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  • "Specialising in emergency medicine, the Greycastle Hospital employs some of the most cutting-edge diagnostic and fTNI scanning technology in Perplex City."

Greycastle Hopsital

Patient 0059823: Daniel Saunion Care Report by Dr. T. Kennard

Daniel Saunion is 32 year old male. Tests conducted before his injury indicate that he was highly intelligent and creative, although this was tempered by a reckless nature; this may go some way to explaining his exit the Perplex City Academy and his actions afterwards.

The nature and details of Saunion's injury are not known exactly. He was brought into Greycastle Hospital from Catbite Gorge five months ago, following a rock fall in that area. Saunion was unconscious from an apparent blow to the head, but had no other serious injuries. A preliminary MRI scan revealed unusual neural activity, with blood flow patterns not representative of normal coma patients. EEG scans were inconclusive, and invasive surgery was ruled out as an option by his father.

It was agreed that further testing was required, using functional terahertz nanoscale imaging. This advanced scan merely deepened our confusion; Saunion exhibited unusually controlled bursts and spikes of neural activity. Analysis showed that this neural activity was analogous to that which causes the characteristic beta and theta rhythms seen in REM sleep.

It seems that Daniel Saunion has been dreaming continuously for the last five months.