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*[http://perplexorum.com/ Perplexorum Forums]
*[http://perplexorum.com/ Perplexorum Forums]
*[irc://irc.appliedirc.com/perplexorum Perplexorum IRC] | [http://appliedirc.com/?chat&chan=perplexorum IRC Chat Client] | [http://appliedirc.com/logs/perplexorum/ IRC Logs]  
*[irc://irc.appliedirc.com/perplexorum Perplexorum IRC] | [http://appliedirc.com/?webchat&chan=perplexorum IRC Chat Client] | [http://appliedirc.com/logs/perplexorum/ IRC Logs]  
*[http://forums.unfiction.com/ UnFiction Forums]
*[http://forums.unfiction.com/ UnFiction Forums]

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Community Links

The place to find all the chatter about Project Syzygy


  • CreativeEmbassy's ARG radio show is a must-listen!
    • It's every other Friday, 5-7 EST, 2-4 PST, 10-12 GMT
    • Any player that can handle shoutcast streaming audio can listen (includes Winamp, iTunes)
    • Connect through LHU Toxic Radio
    • Call-in number: (570) 893-2212

Player Links / Blogs

Add yours to this list as you wish.