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So far, three Puzzle Cards have had a theme of pirates. While we can't really call it deadly important to finding the cube, we do appreciate some good hearty piratin'. The cards are:

Season 1 Card #42 - Pirates vs Ninjas

  • Designed by Guest Puzzle Architect Adrian Hon
  • Orange Card worth 11 points

Landlubbers may not know it, but there's long been a deadly hatred 'tween pirates and ninjas, as ninjas are o'course sneaky swabs who can't swim and make fun o' our beards. One day, a group o' five pirates came across a secret ninja map showin' where a treasure o' 100 gold doubloons was buried. 'tweren't no ordinary map though - it had three statements on it sayin' where the treasure was, but only two o' them were true, and one 'o them was false. From this, can ye figure out which island those lyin' ninjas buried the treasure on? Arrr?

Season 1 Card #92 - Dudeney's Medallion

  • Designed by Kurt
  • Yellow Card worth 23 points

After digging up the fabled treasure o' the ninjas and escapin' from a stranded isle, ye've found yeself a place on a great grand ship. Afore ye weigh anchor and sail home tho', there remains one more mystery. Y'see, the ninja treasure held a truly wondrous piece - Dead Pirate Dudeney's Medallion! But as with a lot o' pirate gold circulatin' these days, it be mathematically cursed (indeed, it be playin' merry hell with ye PEGLEG holing's - the Pirate Exchange for Gold with Landlubbers for Economic Greed, o' course!)

If ye can't solve the curse, ye be doomed to lose yet ANOTHER leg and eye! Ye can't ask ye scurvy pirate crewmates for help, as they all be right regular geomety experts and surely would laugh at ye for bein' an uneducated, lily-livered scallawag - and then toss ye off the deck! So ye'll have to answer the curse yeself, and show them all the be biscuit eating dogs!

Season 1 Card #213 - We Be Rational Pirates! Arrr!

  • Designed by Kurt
  • Black Card woth 54 points

'Tis said by landlubbers that there were once five scurvy pirate dogs, stranded on an island. They'd a rich bounty o' 100 gold doubloons, and vowed to split the plunder according t' pirate custom. That custom tells us that first, the oldest, scurviest pirate gets to propose a spilt between all five o' them, and then all five take a vote (pirates bein' highly civilized and democratic-like in private). If least half o' them vote 'Aye' for the spilt - even if t' other half vote 'Nay' - it goes ahead. But if over half vote 'Nay', well, the pirate dog who proposed the spilt has 'is gizzard slit, and then the next oldest pirate gets to have a try with the othe three, and so on.

THE QUESTION IS... ...me hearties, if you were that oldest, scurviest pirate o' the five of them, the first to propose the split, what would ye propose so that ye'd get the most money possible, and also get t' live? What would ye give yeself, and what would ye give to each o' the other pirates? (dogs that they are, ye can give 'em all different amounts - even nothing!) Arrr!