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Project Syzygy
Life without cards

Project Syzygy - Mirror of Site


This website was first unveiled by Adrian Hon on Unfiction on February 27th 2004 - here's the humble post itself. It was a very early teaser for what would eventually become Perplex City, and alluded to a number of previous experiments in gaming and narrative, such as Kit Williams' Masquerade (Michael Smith's oft-cited inspiration for the game) and EA's Majestic. As well as creating hype around the mysterious game, the site was also designed to serve as a recruitment ad, and would-be PMs could submit their details.

Because Project Syzygy was the first site we ever saw, it became the game's unofficial title for quite some time, and so you can still come across its title here and there, even though it is now totally defunct (our chatroom is named #syzygy, for instance.)

Within Perplex City, Project Syzygy was the codename for the Academy's plan to launch the cube retrieval project on Earth, by establishing contact with a company and so on. It was also known as Milestone 24. The successful completion of this project, upon the full launch of, was reflected in an update to the site declaring it "complete" on 14/10/04. (Image)

The site was advertised in many media, including Marketing Weekly, Guardian Advert, and the Times.

The site also contained some hidden clues and teasers to keep people occupied and interested. A hidden message asked: "Do you want to spend your life selling sugared water, or do you want to..." a famous quote which is completed by the words "...change the world?" The Dinah Autoresponse was received from players who emailed, an address hidden in one of the print adverts for the site.


Project Syzygy Original Flash File