Fivebridge and Remton Consolidated Bank

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  • Plans to buy Fivebridge & Remton Consolidated Bank were announced by Perplex City Banking Company in August of 2005.
    • Following the death of consulting economist Monica Grand, who was an integral player in this deal, controversy was sparked when it was revealed that PCBC's research in preparation for the deal was insufficient.

Opinions on the Buyout

  • Perplex City finance deputy Hova Lonehart was not a supporter of PCBC's buyout of Fivebridge & Remton Consolidated Bank.
  • Former PCBC CEO Jonathan Smart (who resigned in September of 2005), foresaw no problems with the deal.
  • Monica Grand expressed her thoughts that the acquisition would be a benefit to consumers.

PCBC Takeover Plans

The PCBC today announced their formal offer to take over Fivebridge & Remton Consolidated Bank. PCBC consulting economist Monica Grand said that the move should be a benefit to consumers, as the separate financial networks are gradually

The Involvement of Monica Grand

  • The initial draft of the report on PCBC's acquisition deal was written by Monica Grand.
  • The delays occurred because Grand had not completed her reports before her death.
  • The "pressure" of the Fivebridge Report was mentioned in Track 3.mp3