Jonathan Smart

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  • Has served as a member of the board since 243
  • Had been CEO at PCBC since 1995 (258AC).
  • Stepped down as CEO in September 2005 (268AC).
    • Chose Walter Cove-Houghton to take his place.
    • Still, in some ways, controls the CEO position by way of constant direct influence through Cove-Houghton.
  • Has "one of the most legendary handshakes in business."
  • Wants to make PCBC seem more customer friendly.
  • Was the one who made the choice to purhase the PCBC ads in the "External Edition" of the Sentinel saying that "I'd call it investment in the future. It's never too early to begin a branding exercise in a new market. Besides, it was a favour for Michiko [Clark, editor-in-chief of the Sentinel] and it never hurts for the press to owe your favours."
  • Doesn't foresee any troubles at all with the Fivebridge and Remton Consolidated Bank acquisition.
  • Agrees with Councilman Nathan Earlywine that a lessened cultural focus should be placed on Earth fascination.