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*Perplex City Sentinel Articles:
*Perplex City Sentinel Articles:
**21.03.05 [[PCAG]] Ejects [[Jackson Nuru|Nuru]] ([http://wiki.incognitus.net/mirror/ppc/www.perplexcitysentinel.com/21.03.05/archives/2005/03/nuru_ejected_fr.html link])
**21.03.05 [[PCAG]] Ejects [[Jackson Nuru|Nuru]] {{WaybackS1|www.perplexcitysentinel.com/archives/2005/03/nuru_ejected_fr.html}}

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  • Aged 23
  • PCAG Athlete
  • Ejected from this year's Games before play even began after testing positive for cognitive enhancement markers


  • Perplex City Sentinel Articles: