Jackson Nuru

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"Nuru" redirects here. Nuru, being a family name, may relate to Frederick Nuru, guest lecturer of Security Engineering in the Department of Cryptology at the Academy.


  • Is 38 years old
  • Has been a professional sportsman for fifteen years
  • Has never won any major game outright
  • Placed fifth in Conundrum category of PCAG in 265 AC
  • Is a "third-tier player"
  • Was ejected from preliminary round of the City Council Classic on suspicion of using cognitive enhancers
  • Hoped to return after an appeal but the decision to eject him was upheld
  • In early 269, made another plea to be let in the games once again.
  • Jonas Sawgrass of the Alliance for Clean Players is adamant that Nuru not be permitted to return to competition.
  • Given The headline "Nuru Jeered at Match", it is possible he has been accepted back into the games.
    • A counter possibility is that he showed up to a match and was jeered by random people who saw him there.


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    • letter, 28-MAR-05, from Pierre Badiola
    • More Headlines, 15-APR-05 "Nuru Decision Upheld"
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