Public Resources Allocation Scheme

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PRAS, or Public Resources Allocation Scheme, is a controversial scheme proposed by Council Leader Nathan Earlywine to merge all of the government departments of the Greater Perplex City area and surrounds into one centralised authority. They will then be upgraded at an aggregate cost to the taxpayer of 780 billion lecks (~£39 billion or $78 billion). Critics of the plan, including Citizens Watching Government say that it will make Perplex City even less democratic than it is now and cost more to implement than it will save (or, at the least, take a long time to pay off). PRAS was very important in Earlywine's election manifesto back in 269 (2006), and it seems as though many of the citizens of PXC would like to see it go ahead. However, on the 31st of April, 270 (2007), the Council unanimously (presumably excepting Earlywine), voted against it.