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Nathan Earlywine
Perplex City
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Date of Birth
Futures Sign
Occupation City Council Leader
Associations City Council, ran against Camryn Scott, Douglass Finlay


Silver Mine Reopened

City officials today officially reopened one of the city's historic silver mines as a low-yield educational facility. "The mine will produce precious little silver at this point," said city council member Nathan Earlywine. "What we have built here is practically a museum, and will enable schoolchildren to experience what it was like for our forebears in the early days of Perplex City."

-- The Sentinel, 05-JUL-05

Political Stance

  • Believes defense budget "provides more than municipal defence"
  • In favor of expensive upgrades to Ng General Hospital
  • Entered the mayoral race against Camryn Scott and won on 18 OCT, 2006
  • His campaign has had a very hands-on nature, touring schools, teaching civics lectures, and urging the students to give solutions to city problems.
  • Encouraged opening the Old Silver Mines as historic educational centers
    • Stated the mines will not produce large volumes of silver again, but are good for students to see the process
  • In favour of open-air discussions (especially when they benefit him politically), and delivering tax breaks to "early-life renters"
  • Largely filled with anti-Earth sentiments.

Earlywine said that Earth was screwed up enough without us giving them extra ways to blow each other up." I gulped down some wine.
"Bloody Earlywine," murmured Violet, studying two books. --Kurt, 19-FEB-07

  • In favour of a Public Resources Allocation Scheme, which would upgrade and integrate all government offices in the Greater Perplex City region into a single centralised system.
    • This plan has been met with some favor, but largely opposition based on fears of decreased representation and excess spending.
    • Among those who oppose the plan are Citizens Watching Government, led by Katya Yarrow.


Election Trail

  • 25-MAY-05 - Earlywine announces he will be running for Council Leader.
  • 20-OCT-05 - Earlywine's run for the Leader position is suddenly stymied by Douglass Finlay.
  • 17-JUL-06 - First of many City Council Electoral Debates
    • Earlywine made a proposal to significantly reduce the array of instruments included onboard the AQSYS aircraft over a period of years.
  • 25-AUG-06 - Finlay arrested; Earlywine expressed disgust, saying "Those who would seek a council seat should hold themselves to only the highest moral and intellectual standards."
  • 28-AUG-06 - took the opportunity of a massive power outage to point fingers at the Academy, who truly had nothing to do with the blackout.

Scott, Earlywine Even in Polls

Recent polls indicate that sitting Council Leader Camryn Scott and Council Member Nathan Earlywine, both candidates for the Council Leader post, are now running neck-and-neck in public opinion following popular candidate Douglass Finlay's exit from the race. The poll also shows fellow candidate Shannon Powell trailing with a scant 2% of the vote, and a full 18% of those polled remained undecided.

Sentinel, news in brief, 11-SEP-06

  • 14-SEP-06 - Once again made a direct assault on Camryn Scott in one of his standard get-to-know-the-masses open air propaganda machines. Nothing new was stated. Hot button rhetoric in a three ring circus. The crowd seemed to like it, anyway.
  • 07/08-OCT-06 - Held a string of media appearances, including one at the Silent Heralds Club, denouncing what he describes as a 'Culture of Earth Admiration'.
    • It was observed that Earlywine was lagging behind in polls, and this slate of motivation may be just the thing to push the election one way or another.
  • 16-OCT-06 - The Sentinel reports on the goings on at Lancewood and Viendenbourg, citing the experiments conducted on Jake Maine and numerous canines.
    • City Council was called into immediate emergency session all day to discuss the matter.
  • 17-OCT-06 - After a vote of no confidence in Scott, it was announced that the City Council election is to be moved up to the 18th, just 1 day away.
    • It was also mentioned Camryn Scott and Academy Master Sente Kiteway may face criminal proceedings for their deeds.
  • 18-OCT-06 - Earlywine wins the position by a 3% margin

In Office

  • 20-OCT-06 - Earlywine passes executive order NE-3309, which required the immediate lock-down of the Earth/Perplex City link.
  • 05-JAN-07 - Was briefed on the discovery of the Earth Link Infiltration, and was quoted as saying that he found the matter "very disturbing."
    • Planned an all-day session with his predecessor, Council Member Camryn Scott, to discuss the matter, suggesting that he may be open to a change in policy on the handling of the data link and interworld relations.
  • 15-JAN-07 - Earth link was reopened, since the firewall had been hacked anyway.
    • Kurt was held responsible for the hacking, and was summarily suspended.
    • Also, Earlywine's public opinion seems to be flailing.
  • 09-FEB-07 - commended those in the city, especially Helena Frye, for her marvelous work at raiding and crippling The Third Power in the city.

It has become clear to the City Council that the Third Power was an extremely dangerous group, and we authorised the police to spare no expense nor leave any stone unturned in their work to protect us all. ... Now that this danger has passed, we can strive to put this divisive and frightening time behind us and return to the work of building a better Perplex City.

  • 13-FEB-07 - Nathan Earlywine attends celebration ball alongside Camryn Scott but refuses to talk to anyone.
  • 01-MAY-07 - His PRAS was unanimously rejected by city council. A definite sign that power is waning.


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