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A script in the Perplexorum IRC Room created by User:Mindez

The script will output details on any card from Mindez's card database.


  • To use the script in the Perplexorum chat room, type !card followed by a card number.
    • Example: !card 056
    • Output: <Mindez> 056 - Gravity (Orange, Maze, Wave 2, 14 points)
  • The script was then upgraded (1.1) so that card titles and partial titles work as well.
    • Example: !card Grav
    • Output: <Mindez> 056 - Gravity (Orange, Maze, Wave 2, 14 points)
    • Example: !card Pie
    • Output: <Mindez> 072 - Yippie Ka Ye (Yellow, Flames, Wave 4, 18 points)
  • The script was then upgraded (1.2) so that the card descriptions included the prime number cards, and the Wave 4 numbers.
    • Example: !card 089
    • Output: <Mindez> 089 - Forever Foe (Yellow, Pixel, Wave 1, 23 points, 8C)
    • Example: !card 222
    • Output: <Mindez> 222 - Instigator (Black, Water, Wave 4, 56 points, 4-1414411122-2 3-34433333432-4)

Card database

The card database contains:

  • Details on all official Perplex City cards.
  • Special Limited Edition cards, P01 and 257.
  • The CubeFest card, as created by Ixalon. (CF06)


  • Version 1: Allowed searching of cards.
    • Version 1.1: Allowed searching by card titles.
    • Version 1.2: Included details of playing cards for prime number cards, or wave 4 numbers for wave 4 cards.

Plans for the future

  • The wave 4 numbers will be removed, either never to be scripted again, or to be put in another script. They're just annoying seeing them in the chat room.
  • If there are multiple results for a search (eg. !card a will return only the first card with 'a' in it), the script will output Possible Outputs: XXX XXX XXX instead of just the first result.
  • When season two cards are released, it is unknown if they will follow the same numbering pattern. If they do go 1-256, another !card2 script will need to be created.
  • The option to use the script in PMs to Mindez, so that the IRC room doesn't become flooded with it.