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Project Syzygy
Life without cards

A bit of context for the "AADAA" string and the dinah@projectsyzygy.com 'exchange' emails.

Courtesy of Bruce via #syzygy:

"In 'Cryptonomicon' there's a set of punch cards containing some very important information encrypted with a cipher called Arethusa.

An NSA chief spends years banging his head against this cipher - and the encrypted text starts AADAA FGTAA ...

You learn near the end of the book that its not a cipher. The string that begins AADAA is actually a hoax. A convincing string of randomness that someone switched with the real encrypts to protect them.

In fact, the sequence is the output of a function called the Riemann-Zeta function.

So, if it starts with "AADAA..." you've got the wrong cipher text.

All you've got is noise.

In all likelihood it's a quick nod to say that the 'Dinah' emails are OOG."