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These are some general notes on style.

This page doesn't need to be a painful undertaking. Just some thoughts on what makes an okay article into a brilliant article.

  1. Use grammar. Preferrably good grammar.
  2. CITE YOUR REFERENCES. I can't stress this one enough.
  3. Keep it simple, Stupid.
  4. Keep it stupid, Simple.
  5. We like tables. They aren't a requirement, but they are kinda purty.
  6. Ok, this is a tough one. We are a fFriendly, diverse bunch, and this is a game. But this is also not a game, and we should really aim to think of this project as an encyclopedia. That means articles should be clear, crisp, and eloquent, while straddling the fFine line of jovial humours and spirits. In other words, don't make every line a joke, but there's no need to keep it serious as a tomb, either.
  7. Does your article seem messy? Try adding a section or two. It does wonders.

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