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Oh, Des. Des, des, des. The Man Who Gave His Life For Perplex City.

Des would always wash his teacup and put it away.

Des always saved the last piece of sushi for me.

Des would always help old ladies cross the street.

Des always refused to give Valentines, saying he loved us all equally.

Des made the best pumpkin muffins.

"Des tried to stop me from putting the Risk puzzle in, but I ignored him" - Adrian Hon

"All of my styling advice - that came from Des" - Guy Parsons

"It was Des who got me into writing" - Naomi Alderman

"We like to think there's a little bit of Des in every puzzle" - Hannah

"Des and me? We went way back." - a mysterious man

"The only reason I came to Earth in the first place was to try and meet Des." - The Cube