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Education is very important to Perplexians.

Several notable establishments are within the city, all quite different:

Perplex City Academy

Marmalejo College

Perplex City University

  • Another well respected place of higher education.
  • A place for boring old engineering and things.

The Conservatoire

Now Defunct

  • This was an institution started by a break-away group (from the Academy) which started circa 1688 (50BC).
  • It is unclear what the goal of the school was to be.
  • Several scholars were pulled away from the Perplex City Academy to join this new institute.
  • Though The Conservatoire has been defunct for over 3 centuries, its historical significance is great.

Rose Institute

Edyta College

The Besley Schools

The Besley Schools appear to be broken up into several locations and branches:

West Besley College

Besley-Mazy College

Besley South