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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth


On August 2, Sente Kiteway sent out an email saying that the first 100 people to order Perplex City cards after the email was sent out would receive "a little something extra" with their order. This turned out to be a copy of card #089, signed by Sente and the Mind Candy team, with a number or letter below the card points number and (#)/100 in the lower right corner of the card.

This string of mostly numbers and some letters has turned out to be a Sudoku grid, hence we are able to fill in many of the missing gaps in the numbers by solving the grid. It is not known whether the completed grid still contains a deeper message of some sort.


02-AUG-05 Email from Sente


It has been some time since I last contacted you. I’d like to thank you for your patience - as you can imagine, there has been a great deal going on in Perplex City over the past months.

The most important news to report is that the puzzle cards I have talked of for so long have now been created. The work has been produced by a team of seven highly talented puzzle scribes from the Perplex City Academy.

These cards reveal a great deal about our city and people, through them I hope you’ll be able to piece together the mystery of who stole the missing Receda Cube and where on Earth it has been hidden. I look forward to the day when I can present the £100,000 / $200,000 reward to whomever solves the mystery.

There are only nine stores in nine different cities on Earth where you can buy these puzzle cards. I appreciate that travel to these locations may not be easy so I have made sure that the cards are also available online:

I plan to include a note of thanks to all who buy cards but I also have a little something extra for the first 100 people who place their order from now.

Your help in cracking the most enigmatic mystery that has ever befallen our city is greatly appreciated. We will not forget your efforts.


Master of the Perplex City Academy


The ability to unsubscribe from the Perplex City Academy mailing list will be introduced in the next email.

Letters in Message

chriscoyier:             1=2
Lazarus:                 2=4
number9dream:            5=8
Geist:                   6=6
diddymac:                7=9
Naomi T:                12=8
ryknow:                 14=4
Shockt:                 16=7
sherpa:                 19=7
buzman:                 21=5
juno8888:               23=2
SheRa:                  25=4
ManiacFive:             28=5
Ken Brett:              33=8 ?? From firebox video
SpaceBass:              36=9
Trayci:                 37=3
MacAnguish:             40=4
uptownishnyc:           42=2
Peapod:                 45=5
Dorkmaster:             46=4
Geofortean:             49=3
Archimedea:             50=7
Xanatos:                61=2
hylas:                  62=1
Bahamoth:               68=3 (from PXCforums)
Flicks09:               73=1
giffer2:                76=2
Riiick:                 78=7
Mattlock:               80=8
Puzzled Pineapple:      82=S [could this be a "5"?][nope, it's an S]
Helix:                  83=U
Gemini:                 84=D
European Chris:         85=0 [Are you sure this isn't an "O" EC?]
The First Speaker:      91=E
Mima:                   92=P        94=T
Kender:                 95=R
Vary:                   97=C
questionboy:            98=K
crobin:                100=Z


Possible Solutions

We are now left with only five possible solutions for the Sudoku grid:






Graphical Solution Board