Hobbs Island

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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth


  • Near seaport of Great Lancewood
  • The thirteenth island in the Lancewood Archipelago
  • Marked on maps as being "completely uninhabited" with no interesting features or heritage
  • Four miles across by six miles long, flat, no trees

Scarlett and Violet's exploration

  • Half a mile inland, there is a huge circular set of foundations, as if there had been a a lighthouse there
  • At the edge of the foundations, there is a bunker/storage celler
  • The lab was explored, as shown in a simpler viewer interface, setup by Kurt
  • See: Hobbs Island Transcript


  • Scarlett's blog, The Scarlett Kite
    • entry, 20-SEPT-06 "Hobbs Island" link