Lunchtime Lectures / Evening Courses

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Forthcoming lectures and evening courses at Perplex City Academy include:

  • Anna Heath, Fellow of the Academy and expert in ancient languages will give a talk on the ancient languages of the region and the beginnings of written script discovered on bone fragments.
  • Vaughn Mukherjee, Academy junior fellow in Games Theory will talk about the ancient forms of puzzles we find depicted on the Tronten vessels and elsewhere.
  • Professor Adamek, Senior Fellow of the Academy, will speak on the artistic works of the city's ancient history, with special attention to the various items found around the Hausam Amphitheatre, and what they tell us about our ancestors' aesthetic interests.
  • A six week course: investigate the mysteries of the area's ancient history through a study of the art and craftsmanship of the period. The course will examine relics including those unearthed in Perplex City and the cave paintings of Mowsle. The course includes a field trip to the Newguard Ruins.