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  • Perplex City based games publisher
  • In 2005, began publishing a line of classic games, under the banner of "Ontarne Eternals".
  • Is cashing in on the popular trend of single-purpose game designs over multipurpose electronic game systems
  • These games are being crafted from "luxe materials such as natural wood, stone, and sea glass."
  • "Ontarne Games was trading slightly up on the PCX to PCL202.38 after the announcement."

Name Confusion

  • In Season 1, the name of this company was reported as being one of two different things:
    • An article in the sentinel link reported the name as "Ontame", nothing the second to last letter as an M.
    • The puzzle card backs showed a map, and on Season 1 Card #154 - Intoxicating Silk the company is located next to a street, both having the name "Ontarne", noting the last two letters are RN.
  • Early in Season 2, a location indicated on the Perplex City Post's testing site was given as Ontarne
  • Because there seems to be more evidence of OntaRNe being the true name, we are accepting that as the true name.


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