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Wiki Layout

Guides to Good Editing / Wiki Rules

Heres some quick points to follow to ensure your pages dont get rollbacked, deleted or shufted. Also saving time of our Moderators.

  1. An editor should be active on IRC, or at very least the Perplex City Forums at Unfiction].
  2. Never sign any edits with your name, unless it's a Talk page.
  3. Follow the general flow and layout of the article; the headers have been put there for a reason, use them!
  4. Never create new sections without passing it by a Moderator first. The Wiki is laid out how we see best so far, but we know we might've missed something. New pages about relevant subjects can be added without authorizing first.
  5. Avoid editing the Main Page; usually a addition on this page is never needed (as it could be put on a subsection). If an edit is needed, contact a Moderator.
  6. Don't edit/post unless you're sure it needs posting. The Wiki isn't a discussion forum, that's what Unfiction is for.
  7. Never post speculation; this is a factual wiki. If there is spec then put it in the Current Speculation page.
  8. Never move pages, let a Moderator do this!

"Where do I put ...?"

  • Websites - Link under Websites with a clear and unique name, usually the website URL (like
  • Objects/IRL items - Link under the Items page.
  • Characters - Link under the Characters page under the relevant section.
  • E-mail - Link under Communications page.

"How do I upload an image?"

Use the Upload file link on the toolbox menu (Logged in users only).

"How do I upload another type of file (text, doc, etc..)?"

Well, if it's text, then make a new wiki Page, and if it's a format that the wiki doesnt recognise or cant use then use the wiki's File Store, then put the link on the wiki page.

"How should I format the page?"

  1. Use headers, make a clear logical layout, if there's a Stub Page available for that type of page, use it!
  2. Always put a double return after a section, making it obviously separated and clear.
  3. Use bold to empasise interesting parts of the page, make it easier for skip reading.
  4. Reference Wikimedia's page editing and format guide for wiki markup and more information.

"Where should I put comments about a page?"

Put them under the "Discussion" tab of a page, to keep it from overwriting on the main wiki pages.

"Other suggestions?"

  • Link to other pages as often as possible.
  • Though it's not a rule, a new page should be a healthy dose of places to link to it from.
    • That is, when you make a new page, it should not be orphaned with no other page linking on to it.
    • Two links in should be a minimum, while three is a job well done.
  • Paraphrase!
    • It's good to use direct quotes. But abundant cutting and pasting is not good writing.
    • Consider revising your words to get at the spirit of what is being said before putting it into the wiki.