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I wonder if it's possible to set up the trail stuff in a different file? I was thinking about this earlier today, so it's been on my mind. I'd like to eventually set up some kind of timeline/trails walkthrough guide, so that all of that info would be on one page (but linking to the other specific trail pages). It's just getting crazily difficult to sort through the tons of information. ~Lhall

yeah! actually, i was thinking we have that Timeline page which is way way way way way out of date. I was thinking that should be -- well fFirst it should be re-written so it fFlows donw, not across -- Then it should be simplified to state specific events and points in time. Ideally, it would look something like the quite inclusive In-game Timeline page. I was thinking of the best way to orchestrate that, myself, today. Like I think it's not necesarry to plot out every event that ever happens on a single page. but it would be very very nice to list events. Scott

Definitely agree. I like Scarlett's timeline page, for example, but since there's no 3P timeline yet, it's really hard for me to find any of the info I've been looking for. I'll start taking a look at the old timeline pages and trying to figure out what we need, source-, timeline- and trail-wise, and where we can begin. ~Lhall